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Run your own trading card shop in Kardboard Kings

Driving a card bargain

Updated: Feb 3, 2022 11:22 pm
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It’s a very good time to be a fan of Trading Card Games. Magic The Gathering is more profitable than ever. The venerable TCG is branching out with all manner of tie-ins, as well as intriguing new sets like Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel launched to widespread acclaim and huge download numbers. But as anyone that has gotten seriously into a TCG will tell you, it isn’t all about playing with the cards. Kardboard Kings  is a new stylised business sim, where the player takes control of an independent card shop. Build collections, buy low and sell high. Take your shop from rags to riches and beyond.

Kardboard Kings: A labour of love

Kardboard Kings looks to stand out from the business sim pack by carving out a specific niche for itself. It appears lovingly made by people that understand the TCG hobby inside and out. While online card markets have sprung up, there’s something about the allure of physical cards that keeps people coming back. From opening packs and hoping for a rare pull, to buying specific singles online, the game looks to display all facets of TCGs in a real but charming way.

Art of the cards

A strong part of the allure of trading cards is the beautiful art from a wide range of artists. From children to adults, anyone can be lured in by a beautifully designed card, wondering what exactly it does in-game. And Kardboard Kings knows this all too well. As well as buying and selling the cards, you’re able to build a collection for yourself. Archetypes from a variety of in-game TCGs in different genres and styles are all present.

Kardboard Kings: A stacked deck

Far from just a simple business sim, Kardboard Kings will include a plethora of different gameplay styles. The shop itself will be fully customisable, and the game’s setting will be bustling and alive. Characters can be interacted with; relationships can grow and deepen.  And the promise of a mystery storyline on top of that? Kardboard Kings looks to be positively stacked with content for card game and management fans to enjoy.

Kardboard Kings will be released February 10th 2022.

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