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Skitterscare Sparrow In Destiny 2 – How To Get The Spider Sparrow

Equip the spider sparrow if you dare....

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:18 pm
how to get skitterscare destiny 2

Cosmetic items are rife in Destiny 2, allowing you to switch up your armor, gun, and ghost aesthetics exactly to your liking. What Guardians also like to do to add a bit of flair is get the perfect vehicles to match their personality or mood of the day. With Festival of the Lost, this is especially true, with players galore donning spooky cosmetics to go with the well-celebrated event.

Now, while the usual Halloween-themed gear will be up for grabs, there’s one especially scary vehicle available for you non-arachnophobics. This comes in the form of the Skitterscare sparrow which is especially creepy thanks to its moving legs, not typically associated with moving vehicles.

Below, we’re going to detail how to get this Skitterscare sparrow so you can equip it and freak out the rest of your fireteam on those patrol missions. Y’know, because you’re totally not scared of those creepy critters yourself…

How to get the Skitterscare sparrow in Destiny 2

skitterscare spider sparrow destiny 2

Usually, when it comes to the best cosmetics and vehicles, you sadly can’t get these from in-game drops, when defeating enemies, or completing missions. This is unfortunately the case with the Skitterscare sparrow also.

If you want to get your hands on this spider sparrow you’re going to have to before Festival of the Lost ends on November 2nd. If you’re impatient and want the Skitterscare right now, you’re going to have to visit the Eververse store and purchase it for 800 silver to instantly get it in your inventory.

If you can, however, wait until the second week of the Festival of the Lost (October 19th to October 26th), you’ll be able to pick it up, again from the Eververse store, but for 2500 bright dust. Likely you will have accumulated a bunch of bright dust throughout your time in Destiny 2 and if you want that eight-legged machine, now is the time to spend it.

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