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Sonic Frontiers Pre Order Details

Gotta Go Speedier.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022 12:58 pm
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Sonic Frontiers officially has a release date! But where can you can get a Sonic Frontiers pre order?


Not to worry, for we have all the answers you need and more.

Sonic Frontiers Pre Order

Sonic Frontiers Pre Order
The New Land

If you pre order Sonic Frontiers you’ll be treated to the Adventurers Treasure Box which includes:

  • Blue Seeds Of Defense
  • Skill Points
  • Red Seeds Of Power

You can pre order the game at the following locations:

When Is The Sonic Frontiers Release Date?

Sonic Frontiers now has a release date! The game will be released on November 8th, 2022. the day before God Of War Ragnarok.

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While the gameplay itself looks much more fun than it did when the first gameplay was shown off, it’s up for debate whether or not it actually looks good or not. Personally, I’m optimistic, if not a bit worried about the curse of 3D Sonic games, especially in the shadow of God Of War Ragnarok the day afterward.

The game also comes out after the critically panned Sonic Origins, a game widely criticized as being a really lazy collection of games put together as a cash grab. Our own review stated that:

“Sonic Origins would be an incredible example of how to do a collection of classic video games, if not for the corporate greed on display.”

Still, I’ll for sure be getting a Sonic Frontiers pre order.

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