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How to Get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley

Here’s how to get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 11:38 am
How to Get Pale Ale in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is famous for its in-game cooking gameplay, and there are many recipes players can follow. Pale Ale is one of those recipes, but it requires different equipment from regular Stardew Valley cooking. Consuming Pale Ale also gets your player tipsy, and makes a great gift for other Pelican Town residents.

How to Make Pale Ale in Stardew Valley

In order to make Pale Ale, you will need: 

  • Hops
  • 1 Keg

How to get Hops

Much like in real life, hops are a flower that needs to be grown. You will have to grow hops yourself on your farm if you want to make pale ale. Here’s how to do it. 

  1. Visit Pierre’s General Store and buy Hops Starter from him for 60g. 
  2. Plant your seeds during the summer on a trellis. Make sure to leave enough space for your player to water them. If you don’t want to wait for summer, you can plant Hops Starter any time of the year. 
  3. After 12 days, your Hops will be ready for harvest. 

How to make a Keg

The second component for making Pale Ale is a Keg. Here’s how to craft one: 

  1. Ensure you are at Farming Level 8 to get the keg recipe. It takes a total of 6900 XP to get to Level 8.
  2. Craft a Keg using 30 Wood, 1 Copper Bar, 1 Iron Bar, and 1 Oak Resin. 
  3. Alternatively, filling out all 6 items in the Artisan’s Bundle from the pantry will reward you with one keg. 

How to Age Pale Ale

Now that you have the ingredients ready, hold the hops and drop them inside the keg. It will be ready in a day and a half. 

Aging your Pale Ale will increase its selling value. To do this, you’ll need to go to Robin and ask her to upgrade your cellar. This will cost 100,000g but gives you 33 casks. Once you place the Pale Ale in the cask, wait 9-34 days to increase the quality anywhere from Gold to Iridium. 

The highest quality Pale Ale, Iridium, fetches a price of 840g. This is a great way for players to earn more money in the game.

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