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Valorant 4.08 patch notes feature the new Agent Fade

Riot Games has released the new Valorant 4.08 patch notes. Lets take a look.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022 4:08 pm
Valorant 4.08 patch notes feature the new Agent Fade

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Valorant’s new patch 4.08 is now live, bringing the brand-new Turkish agent (Fade) revealed mere days ago to the live servers. Players now have a brand new agent to experiment with and plenty of new nerfs and tweaks to meta picks. Here is the summary of the Valorant 4.08 patch notes.

Valorant Fade’s Abilities

Fade is the latest Agent coming in the new Valorant 4.08 patch. Fade is a Turkish themed agent with a focus on the Initiator role. She has quite a few abilities, including:

Haunt – Throw a nightmarish entity which plummets to the ground after 1.5 seconds.  Upon hitting the ground, a nightmarish entity appears that reveals the location of enemies caught in its line of sight.  You can use the ability to drop the entity to the ground to drop it earlier if you wish. Also, enemies can shoot the entity before it detects them and stop it from spotting them and their allies. Enemies caught are marked for 12 seconds, leaving behind a trail. Haunt is also a free skill.

Prowler – Send out a Prowler that travels in a straight line. The Prowler then locks opponents onto enemies in its vision or gathered via their trail. You can hold fire to steer the prowler using your mouse. Prowler has two maximum charges, and only one Prowler may follow a trail at a time.

Seize – Throw an inky orb that explodes when it hits the ground, leaving ink behind. The ink catches enemies in the ground for as long as the ink remains. Enemies caught will also take decay damage and are deafened until the ink expires. You only get one Seize orb storage and you can reactive the orb before it automatically drops 1.5 seconds after it is thrown.

Nightfall – Fire out a wave of fear that can traverse walls and objects.  The energy reveals trails of all enemies hit and deafens and decays the targets for 12 seconds. 

Valorant 4.08 patch notes balance changes

There are three others agents getting a touch up in the new Valorant 4.08 patch notes. These include Jett, Sova, and Neon. Jett now has a new tailwind mechanic. Upon activation, Jett has a 12-second window where she can dash rather than immediately dashing upon key press. Meanwhile, she can still get a reset with two kills. It makes her still that aggressive playmaker, but, it means there’s now more tactical play around her tool than the pop assassin Operator wielder people know her for.

On the other hand, Riot thinks that Sova, the staple, needs toning down to be not so oppressive in the right hands. Now, the scout of the Valorant roster will have less detection with his Owl Drone, going to seven seconds rather than 10. Combine this with the now two pings from the darts rather than 3, and we have a weaker intel gatherer. The Owl Drone was simply too powerful, and its ability to punish an operator is now much lower, especially in higher elo games where movement tracking is more important. In addition, the character now has 100 health rather than 125 health to make the pick less appealing. Finally, his Shock Dart now does 75 damage down from 90 with radial adjustment to compensate for the max damage lowered.

Lastly, Neon has a massive nerf. Her battery passive now grants 25% energy received on a kill down from 100%. There are also some QoL features changed regarding her slide in equip delay, and she can now slide sideways and forwards as long as she is moving.

Source: Valorant’s 4.08 patch notes webpage.

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