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Grab WoW’s Catalyzed Apple Pies from Mai Toa in Zereth Mortis

Here is how you can complete the sixth Burrowed Bufonid quest

Updated: Feb 28, 2022 1:52 pm
Grab WoW’s Catalyzed Apple Pies from Mai Toa in Zereth Mortis

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One of the quests players are coming across in 9.2’s Zereth Mortis quest chain is the Burrowed Bufonid quest chain. The quest requires you to grab some WoW’s Catalyzed Apple Pie. Here is how you can get yourself the item.

How to get Catalyzed Apple Pie in WoW?

To get the Catalyzed Apple Pie in WoW, you need to head over to the Pilgrim’s Grace camp on the right side of the map. You can run over there if you’#d like, or you can use the zone’s flight patch system and head there that way.

Once you arrive, you want to exit the camp on its west side. On the right-hand side of the screen as you leave you should see some servitors on a rock. There is one called Mai Toa, which sells a variety of provisions, one of which is the Catalyzed Apple Pie. Simply get your hands on five of them for the quest, and you’re done for the day.

If you’re having trouble finding her, grab yourself a coordinates addon and look for 58, 49. This location will bring you the rock in question to find the Mai Toa NPC vendor.

With the five Catalyzed Apple Pies, you’re done for the day. You’re now down to two more Burrowed Bufonid quests. You unlock the Patient Bufonid mouth, which is a robot frog mount at the end of the quest chain. Shadowlands sure loves its frog mounts.
This concludes this WoW Catalyzed Apple Pie guide and directions to the Mai Toa NPC. If you need any other guides to the Zereth Mortis zone, why don’t you check out the WePC WoW hub, featuring other WoW guides to the new 9.2 zone?

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