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What is the WoW51900118 error?

There are two WoW error codes that prevent logging into a game server.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:46 pm

World of Warcraft Classic and Retail are both online games and sometimes have issues with the servers. On the odd occasion, you may encounter server issues that fail to let you log in to some capacity. One such issue is the WoW51900118 error. The WoW51900118 error appears to be an error that pops up when there are actual problems with the servers themselves.

Explaining the WoW51900118 error

The WoW error only seems to pop up when there are errors directly relating to Blizzard servers. Players can get through the login and handshaking part of the login authentication process. However, the error pops up when you actually try to get on a server. Moreso, the error code is replicable on both Classic and Retail servers, so it is not exactly game version specific either.

Normally, when you encounter this issue, it is largely due to scheduled maintenance, and the server you are trying to log into hasn’t come back online properly. It is either that or Blizzard Entertainment is encountering issues that they didn’t account for. Suppose you have an issue with your network. In that case, you likely won’t get this error because it normally happens when connecting to a server directly, and there is a login verification process before that happens. So, it is highly likely you can rule out any issue on your end.

Therefore, if you get an issue, the chances are that it is something you need to wait a little while before it resolves.  The good news is that when this error pops up, chances are you are not alone. You can always let BlizzardCS know on Twitter what the deal is, or go on the forums and let the staff know; maybe you’ll get a blue post on it?

What is the BLZ51903006 error code

If you do not get the WoW51900118 error code, you might instead get the BLZ51903006 error. All that error is a Blizzard Battlenet service error, which indicates there are larger Blizzard server issues. This either means all of the Blizzard services are struggling, or that you are having network issues connecting to Blizzard on your end.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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