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Can You Play GM Mode Online in WWE 2K22?

Play MyGM Online in WWE 2K22?

Updated: May 6, 2022 2:03 pm
Can You Play GM Mode Online in WWE 2K22?

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For the first time in 15 years GM Mode made its return to the WWE Games franchise with its new version and re-imagination introduced in WWE 2K22. It allows you to create and manage your own show with the full on draft, rivalries, matches, promo segments and more. You can play it offline vs AI opponent or with a friend.

Does GM Mode Have Online Mode in WWE 2K22?

Is it possible to play the GM Mode Online? Sadly no. There are some caveats to that. You can play it with friends locally on one system, or with friends via game sharing. It is a feature on PlayStation that allows you to share one game with a friend.

Then he can make the choices and be a manager of his own brand on your local game, but there is no online multiplayer in this game mode. It is also available on Steam via the similar steam play feature that allows for game sharing. I am not sure about Xbox with this feature, but you cannot play GM Mode online in WWE 2K22.

Hopefully the future will allow this game mode to grow and online play will be introduced in WWE 2K23 or just another WWE Game, because it is not certain if it will be developed by 2K at this point.

Some other features that are missing from this year’s GM Mode are mid-card titles, superstar trading, multi-man matches, and more. You can only play one on one or two on two matches in the game, same goes for rivalries. You can only choose the main WWE Championship, Universal Championship, NXT Championship or NXT UK Championship.

One title per show of your choosing. If you choose Smackdown for example you will be able to set Universal Champion and Smackdown Woman’s champion and that’s it. No Tag Team Championships or United States Championships this year.

Hopefully the mode will be expanded upon because it is a good foundation even if some features are missing it is still a lot of fun.

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