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When is GDDR7 coming?

If the current memory speeds aren't enough, you may be wondering when the next iteration is coming

Updated: Dec 8, 2022 9:25 am
When is GDDR7 coming?

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Compared to the current 24 Gbps GDDR6X standard from Micron, the new 36 Gbps GDDR7 standard might offer 50% faster rates as compared to the GDDR6X. Peak GDDR7 bandwidth could reach 1.7 TB/s with a 384-bit bus.

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Samsung Electronics, a leader in cutting-edge semiconductor technology, unveiled a new generation of memory solutions and future plans to dramatically boost performance for the data center, server, mobile, gaming, and automotive applications at Samsung Tech Day 2022.

Samsung is speeding up the 1b production process for the DRAM industry, which enables scaling beyond 10 nm with innovations like High-K. The company will soon release DDR5 chips with a 32 GB density, a 2x improvement over the current 16 Gb chips, and a 33% improvement over 24 Gb chips.

The use of 8.5 Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM solutions for smartphones and ultrabooks is also anticipated to rise over the upcoming year. The development of tailored DRAM products like HBM-PIM, AXDIMM, and CXL will continue in order to offer quicker processing for neural networks and AI applications.

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Faster RAM will be advantageous for next-generation GPUs, as the South Korean firm revealed GDDR7 specifications with up to 36 Gbps transfer rates. Compared to the 24 Gbps GDDR6X chips from Micron used by some Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics cards now on the market.

This new standard should increase speeds by 50%. Theoretically, GDDR7 can deliver 1.7 TB/s of bandwidth with a 384-bit bus, although a 256-bit bus can still exceed the 1 TB/s barrier.

Samsung hinted that the new 36 Gbps GDDR7 might debut alongside the upcoming RTX 5000 and RDNA 4 GPUs. However, a release date for the technology isn’t yet set. In 2023, it’s likely that we’ll learn more about Samsung’s upcoming 36Gbps GDDR7 memory and see more of it.

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