Install An M.2 SSD To PS5 – M.2 Into PlayStation 5 Console

We help you add an M.2 SSD drive to your PlayStation 5 and remove an M.2 SSD from your PlayStation 5

how to Add An M.2 SSD To PS5

Following an PlayStation 5 OS update, you can now install an M.2 SSD to PS5. If you’re lacking storage space on your PS5, it’s a great time to invest in a speedy storage solution with one of these SSDs for your PS5. Installing your brand-new M.2 SSD is nice and easy, now it’s enabled – thanks to this PlayStation update, which Sony labelled as the ‘second major PS5 system software update’.

PC gamers have been enjoying quick storage for years now, and an M.2 SSD is one of the best options out there for if you want great read/write speeds, with plenty of space for your favorite games.

We’re going to show you exactly how to install an M.2 SSD into your PS5, while going over all the M.2 SSD requirements for PS5 to ensure that you can choose one which is compatible with your system. Nearly all gaming PCs include at least one SSD these days – it’s a must-have. So, why wouldn’t you do the same for your games console? Let’s get in to all the details below.

What Is An M.2 SSD?

These are high-speed solid-state drives (SSD). M.2 refers to a form factor, a size and shape that all branded hardware must adhere to, however, not all M.2 devices are the same. PS5 players can now take advantage of these compact storage devices, increasing their storage capacity for their console.

Once you install an M.2 SSD to your PS5 console, you can download and launch PS5/ PS4 games and media apps from it. An M.2 is going to allow you to effortlessly increase your storage space and freely move between the PS5 console’s storage, a connected USB extended storage device, and the added M.2.

M.2 SSD Requirements For PS5

Before you buy just any old M.2,m it is important to check which ones are compatible with storage expansion on your console.

  • Interface: PCI-Express Gen4x4 supported M.2 NVMe SSD (Key M)
  • Storage: 250 GB–4 TB
  • Supported Sizes: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
  • Size Including Heatsink: Width: up to 25 mm Length: 30/40/6080/110 mm Thickness: up to 11.25 mm (up to 8.0 mm from above the board, up to 2.45 mm from below the board)
  • Read Speeds: 5500 MB/s or faster is recommended
  • Socket Type: Socket 3 (Key M)

Sony PlayStation makes a point of either buying a heatsink for your M.2 SSD or buying a drive with one already built-in. This is because the PS5 requires effective heat dissipation.

Other Requirements To Note From PlayStation:

  • Both single-sided and double-sided M.2 SSD devices are supported.
  • M.2 SATA SSDs aren’t supported.
  • When installing an M.2 to your PS5 for the first time, once complete, you are going to have to format the drive. When you format the SSD, any previous data on the device will be erased and cannot be recovered, so be careful and make sure there is nothing on the SSD that you need!
  • When saving data on the M.2 SSD, don’t turn off the PS5. Sometimes, doing this can cause data loss, corruption, or even damage to the M.2 or PS5.
  • Do not use/ install an M.2 SSD to your PS5 without a heatsink or heat transfer sheet. If your M.2 SSD doesn’t come with these parts, you will have to purchase them separately.

How To Install An M.2 SSD To PS5

Before starting the installation process, make sure you have a Phillips/ cross-head screwdriver, unplug the console from the mains, and ground yourself.



With the PS5 switched off, removed the power cables entirely, and allow your console to cool down if recently running.



Place your PS5 on a flat surface such as a table, ensure the PS logo is facing down, and the power button is facing away from you.


Removing the cover

Using your right hand, grip the edge of the bottom right corner and then use your left hand to grip the top left corner edge. Now, gently lift the cover with your right hand and slide the cover off with your left thumb, while using your left hand’s fingers to stabilize your PS5 console.


Prepare the M.2 slot

With the cover removed, you now need to remove the screw from the expansion slot cover and then remove the cover. You then need to move the screw and spacer (the screw with a hole in) to the corresponding hole that matches the size of your M.2 SSD.


Install the M.2 SSD into your PS5

Hold the edge of your M.2 SSD, align it with the notch on the expansion connector, and then starting from diagonally upwards, firmly insert it all the way in. Ensure the M.2 SSD circuit board is resting flush on the spacer, without obstruction from your cooling structure.


Screw the SSD down

Tilt your M.2 down and then fasten the screw, securing the SSD into place. Now reattach the slot cover and then the PS5 cover by positioning it slightly away from the top edge and sliding it back into place (you will hear a click when secured).

How To Install Games/ Apps To M.2 SSD On PS5

Before downloading games from the PS store, head to Settings > Storage Installation Location to set up your M.2 device.

  1. Go to your games home and select Game Library.
  2. Highlight the data you want to move, press the Options button, and then select Move Games and Apps. When you’re using both an M.2 SSD and a USB extended storage drive, go to the Items You Can Move to M.2 SSD Storage tab.
  3. Tick the boxes for any other games and apps you want to move and select Move.

How To Check Your M.2 SSD Storage Space

Head to the home screen, then select Settings Storage M.2 SSD Storage.

Can I insert a SATA drive into the PS5 console?

No. M.2 SATA SSDs aren’t supported.

Should I remove the M.2 SSD if I send my PS5 console for repair?

Yes. Please remove the M.2 SSD before sending it for repair.

Can I format part of the M.2 SSD for use on the PS5 console?

No, you must format the entire M.2 SSD.


The inclusion of M.2 storage into the PlayStation 5 elevates the status of the console as now having a superior storage solution to the competition. These M.2 devices are quick and are going to give you loads more capacity, meaning you won’t have to delete games from your library for a very long time. If you need to swap out or remove the SSD for whatever reason, just follow the installation steps to do so.