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Android 13 new features

Google recently released android 13 on certain android devices. Here are some of Android 13’s brand-new features.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022 3:22 pm
android 13 new features

Android 13 is Google’s latest mobile operating system, internally named Tiramisu. Android 13 brings a whole host of new features to the table and builds on features already implemented in earlier updates. 

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Currently, android 13 is only available on Google Pixel phones (Pixel 4 or newer) we’re assuming as a “beta test” of sorts. But don’t worry, Android 13 will be making its way to all compatible Android devices in the coming months. 

android 13 new features

How to install Android 13 

If you do have a Google Pixel 4 or newer, you can download Android 13 right now. All you need to do is head over to your phone’s Settings, System, System update, and then select “Check for update”. Your device should promptly alert you of a new update. 

However, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a compatible Google Pixel phone, some of the new features of Android 13 are available in the Android 13 Beta program. 

Enroll in the Android 13 beta program here

NOTE: Uninstalling Beta releases of Android requires wiping locally saved data. Make sre you make a backup. 

After enrolling in the program, you may download and install the update as an OTA update (over the air). A word of caution, however, as Beta releases of any software can be buggy and glitchy. Although Google will do its best to minimize hiccups, that’s what Beta tests are for, discovering bugs. 

If you do wish to opt-out of the Android 13 Beta, you can head back to the Android 13 Beta page, find your device, and “Opt out”. Unfortunately, this will require you to wipe all locally saved data on your phone, so make sure you have a backup.  

Android 13 new features 

Here’s a list of some of our favorite new Android 13 features. 

  • More Customization
  • Improved Copy and Paste
  • Fewer Notifications
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Better Tablet Support
  • Improved Media Player
  • Quick QR Code Scanner
  • Flashlight double tap
  • Lock Screen smart-home controls
  • Group chat Encryption
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • Different Languages for Apps

More customization options 

Android 13 supports further and deeper customization options by adding more colors and themes. In Android 12, there are only four colors and four wallpaper colors. But in Android 13, you can choose from a whopping 16 of each! 

To access these new theme options, you just need to navigate to Settings, Wallpaper & Style

Improved Copy and Paste

When you copy something on Android 13, a small preview panel appears along the bottom of the screen. You can now see what you copied with a couple of custom options next to the preview depending on what you copied. 

You can now seamlessly copy and paste to other devices (if you’re logged into the same Gmail account on both devices). Your new options will appear based on what you copied, for example, if you copy a URL, you’ll have the option to open it in a browser. 

Google has your privacy in mind at all times, that’s why clipboard data will be cleared after one hour on Android 13. 

Fewer notifications 

In Android 13, an app must ask you for permission to send you notifications. A big change from previous android versions, as they grant notification permissions by default when the app is installed. 

Enhanced privacy

There are a few privacy tweaks present in Android 13, first and foremost is when an app asks permission to access media, the media will now be categorized. Meaning you don’t grant an app permission to your whole library, but rather a specific folder or image. 

Until now, allowing an app to scan for nearby WiFi devices entailed granting it location tracking permissions, but not anymore. There’s now a separate Nearby WiFi device persimmon set. This new permission can be accessed through the Settings, Privacy, Privacy dashboard.

Better tablet support 

Android 13 now makes life on a tablet or folding device a little easier. When using a larger device’ you’ll find a hidable taskbar at the bottom of the screen displaying frequently used apps. There’s now a two-column quick settings arrangement, meaning you can get faster access to more settings and features. 

And finally, easier drag and drop multitasking functionality via the Recent Apps menu.

Google has also been rolling out updates to more than 20 Google apps redesigning the U.I to ensure better compatibility with larger screens. 

Improved media player 

The drop-down media player has undergone a revamp in Android 13. There’s now a “squiggly” line to show progress through the track and the layout is much nicer. The media player also pulls background album art when available to use as a background. 

Quick QR Code Scanner

There’s now a handy in-built QR-code scanner that allows the user to scan QR codes without opening the camera app to do it. You can add this new feature as a settings tile on Android 13. 

Flashlight double tap

Google has integrated a quick tap feature into Google Pixel phones, that’s not news. What is news’ however, is the fact you can now configure the Quick Tap gesture to turn on your flashlight in Android 13 via System, Gestures, QuickTap, Toggle flashlight

Lock Screen smart-home controls

In Android 13, you don’t have to unlock your phone to access smart-home controls. If you enable this feature via Settings, Display, Lockscreen, Control from a locked device. You can control your smart home devices from the home icon that now appears on the bottom left of your lock screen. 

Group chat Encryption

Android 13 has built upon its already secure messaging services, whether that be WiFi-based or SMS based. However, Android 13 has taken it a step further by enabling end-to-end encryption for group chats. This feature was already available for one-to-one chats 

Low Energy Bluetooth

Android 13 offers low-energy Bluetooth, based on the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) Bluetooth will now consume less power and gain a nice audio quality boost for all devices that support it. 

Different Languages for Apps

Bi-lingual? No problem, Android 13 has you covered. You now have way more options for app languages, and can now pick different default languages per app. To do this, head to Settings, System, Languages and input. Then head into App languages

As you can see, there are plenty of new features added to Android 13, and these aren’t even all of them. Android 13 is a vast improvement for security and peace of mind. 

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Has Android 13 been released?

Android 13 has officially released for Google Pixel phones (Pixel 4 and newer) Android 13 will come to other phones in the coming months.

Is Android 13 still supported?

Currently, only Google Pixel phones, (Pixel 4 and newer) support Android 13.

Does Pixel 3a get Android 13?

No, Only google Pixel phone 4 and above support Android 13 currently.

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