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Apple Vision Pro ‘teardown’ reveals potential issues in headset’s design

Apple Vision Pro is hugely complex - but is that a good thing?

Updated: Feb 6, 2024 12:07 pm
Apple Vision Pro ‘teardown’ reveals potential issues in headset’s design

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After years of speculation and rumors, Apple’s Vision Pro finally launched on February 2nd, 2024, for an eye-watering sum of $3,499 – and one popular reviewer has already highlighted potential issues in the headset’s design.

Ifixit was one of the first to review the new augmented reality headset, ripping the expensive device apart to see how easy it would be to fix if any problems were to arise. After a few breakdown setbacks, the company managed to fully unpack the headset, which revealed a hugely complex design – often notorious for issues.

After the brand’s 6-minute cut version of the headset’s breakdown, the main takeaway was just how complex the design of the new headset was. After several screwless layers, a tonne of brackets and countless screws, the reviewer concluded that the headset would be almost impossible to fix at home. They went on to say that the process of dissembling the device was a “virtual nightmare”.

That said, they seemed quite impressed with both the build quality of the product and some of the design features – including the replaceability of the battery pack and some of the fittings tech.

Apple Vision Pro near impossible to fix at home

Performance aside, the big takeaway from the speed run of the tear-down was just how complex the design was. If you’re a modder looking to spice up the Apple Vision Pro or someone who likes to take things apart, you may want to think twice before diving into the Vision Pro.

Ifixit’s reviewer of choice, who offers up 11 years of experience, classified the Vision Pro as their Everest – which really puts things into perspective if you’re familiar with the brand.

All in all, you have to take your hat off to Apple, designing a new design augmented reality headset, with the power of a Mac that fits on your face. However, easy reviews aren’t blown away by the device and complexity in design could lead to some severe issues down the road.

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