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At least the RTX 4060 Ti won’t sag in your PC case

To sag or not to sag, said someone, somewhere.

Updated: May 24, 2023 2:41 pm
The RTX 4060 Ti doesnt sag

Sag is for old GPUs; the 4060 Ti is young, hip, and cool. Despite what people say about the 4060 Ti, it’s a 1080p monster. It might cost too much, it might be dumb, or it might have no reason to exist. But at least, for once, it’s a GPU that doesn’t sag.

The 4060 Ti ain’t got no sag

We’re all used to the monster GPUs that literally look like you taped a brick to a PCIe slot, bending your motherboard if unaided by some kind of anti-sag device. Well not the 4060 Ti, the one redeeming quality of this poor, misunderstood GPU.

In the past, we used to feel enthusiastic about the launch of new GPUs. However, nowadays, we find ourselves searching for the least disappointing option among them. Unfortunately, this is one of those instances. Nonetheless, we can confidently state that this GPU doesn’t suffer from GPU sag.

Well, a GPU needs a bit of heft to make it sag, and that weight usually comes from its hefty cooling system. Now, to generate that heat and demand cooling, the GPU should ideally perform like a champ. But guess what? The 4060 Ti didn’t get that memo. It’s not exactly a superstar in the performance department, especially when compared to its predecessor. But hey, at least it can proudly say doesn’t sag.

RTX 4060 Ti: why doesn’t it sag?

Our brainiest brains here at WePC have come to the conclusion that the RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t sag because it doesn’t weigh much.

The RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t weigh much because it doesn’t have the robust cooling system required for high-intensity computing, three stars to the reader who can guess why that is, I’ll wait.

That’s right reader, because the RTX 4060 Ti is nothing more than the RTX 3060 Ti with DLSS 3 tacked on. But hey, at least it doesn’t sag.

How much does that 4060 Ti weigh?

We don’t know exactly but the RTX paperweight weighs in at around 1KG, compared to the RTX 4090 which weighs as much as a small child, That’s why the RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t cause any sag.

saggy GPU
this is a very unhappy, saggy GPU. The RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t sag

Does the RTX 4060 Ti sag?

We haven’t really mentioned it in the article yet, but the RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t sag, thanks to its pretty much 0% improvement on its predecessor. Thanks to more recent architecture, it’s allowed Nvidia to really strip back the weight, meaning the RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t sag. But it doesn’t do much else either.

We spent literally minutes testing the sag factor of the RTX 4060 Ti, on which it scored 0, just like it’s benchmarks.

Final word

The RTX 4060 Ti doesn’t sag.

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