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Best casual games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

Casually pick up some of the best game deals all year round in the Steam Summer Sale

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 11:51 am
Best casual games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

The Steam Summer Sale 2023 is finally here, and with it comes discounts on plenty of great games. Not everyone is looking for a hardcore gaming experience, and if that’s you, then the Steam Summer Sale still has you covered. We’ve compiled the best casual games in the Steam Summer Sale of 2023 for your convenience.

There are plenty more discounts you can find during the Steam Summer Sale 2023, and we’ve got all the details you could want if you’re itching for more information.

Best casual games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

Here are our top picks for the best casual games you can find for a discount during the Steam Summer Sale 2023.

Cities: Skylines

70% off Cities: Skylines this Steam Summer Sale – a non-sky high price of just $8.99

Steam Summer Sale Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines is arguably the best city builder sim in over a decade, with days worth of content on the Steam Workshop to enhance the base game, which you can already sink many many hours into.

Although it arguably might stretch the ‘casual game’ definition a bit when your power grid collapses, your sewerage system overflows, crime is rampant, and you realise your roadway system is an absolute nightmare, it’s a very fun and satisfying experience overall, with lots of calm moments in between the challenges.

Stardew Valley

34% off Stardew Valley this Steam Summer Sale – in the valley of the shadow of deals for just $9.89

Steam Summer Sale Stardew Valley

The number one farming sim / life sim on the market if you’re a fan of beautiful pixel graphics, StarDew Valley also functions as a charming, heatwarming, explorative RPG, with lots of great details, humour, and story elements.

You can even enjoy the experience playing cooperatively with up to three friends!

House Flipper

70% off House Flipper this Steam Summer Sale – a flipping good price of just $7.49

Steam Summer Sale House Flipper

If a satisfying digital cleaning experience, plus a highly detailed house modelling sim sounds up your alley then House Flipper is probably the game for you!

As with any game of this type worth its salt, there’s a great variety to the challenges and tasks to perform, plus bits of humour laden throughout. There’s also a great number of DLC to expand your experience.

Overcooked! 2

75% off Overcooked! 2 this Steam Summer Sale – a deliciously cheap price of $6.24

Steam Summer Sale Overcooked 2

The perfect game to jump into quickly with your friends, then end your friendship just as quickly, Overcooked! 2 is a fast-paced seris of minigames where you (mostly) have to keep up with orders flying into your kitchen and get them out just as quickly.

Playable with up to 4 people, you can now throw food at your friends to hurry up your production line / annoy them even more!


40% off PlateUp! this Steam Summer Sale – I’ve run out of puns, but $10.79 is cheap

Steam Summer Sale PlateUp

PlateUp! is another cooking-relating game, but this time with simulation elements that let you design your restaurant and the dishes you serve in it.

Levels are procedurally generated, and you can unlock a whole host of extra equipment an abilities. Can be played on your own or with friends.

When do the Steam Summer Sale discounts on casual games end?

The only time limit for the sale on casual games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is when the entire sale ends, so you’ll be able to pick up any genre at a discount as long as the sale is still running.

The Steam Summer Sale 2023 ends on 7/13/2023, including the discount on casual games. This will give gamers plenty of time to snag their favorites and discover new games to add to their library.

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