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Best sports games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

For all you sports fans out there

Updated: Jul 6, 2023 1:55 pm
Best sports games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

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If you are looking for great discounts for games this season, the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is the first place you’ll want to look. There are so many fantastic games at great discounts available, it can be hard to choose. Well, have no fear, because we’ve picked out the best sports games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023.

There are plenty more great deals during the Steam Summer Sale for 2023, and if you’re curious to know more, we’ve got all the information you might need in our hub.

Best sports games in the Steam Summer Sale 2023

These sports games are the best of the best that you’ll find at a great discount during the Steam Summer Sale 2023.

Forza Horizon 5

forza horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world racing game set in a vibrant and diverse Mexico.

Players explore a vast map filled with stunning landscapes, from dense jungles to sprawling cities and serene beaches. They can race a wide variety of cars, participate in thrilling events, and showcase their skills in both solo and multiplayer modes.

With stunning graphics, a dynamic weather system, and a deep customization system, Forza Horizon 5 offers an immersive and exhilarating racing experience for players of all skill levels.

Forza Horizon 5 is now 50% off during the Steam Summer Sale.

NBA 2k23

nba 2k23 steam summer sale

NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation game that offers an incredibly realistic and immersive experience.

It features a comprehensive roster of NBA teams and players, allowing players to compete in thrilling matches and experience the excitement of professional basketball.

With improved graphics, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and new features like a dynamic MyCareer mode, NBA 2K23 provides a highly authentic and engaging basketball experience for fans of the sport. Whether playing solo or online with friends, players can showcase their skills, build their own basketball legacy, and take their team to victory.

NBA 2k23 is now 84% off during the Steam Summer Sale

Fifa 23

fifa 2023

FIFA 23 is the latest installment in the popular soccer video game franchise.

It offers a realistic and immersive soccer experience, featuring an extensive roster of teams and players from around the world. With improved graphics and gameplay mechanics, FIFA 23 delivers fluid and responsive gameplay, allowing players to control their favorite teams and compete in exciting matches.

The game offers various modes, including Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Online Seasons, providing a range of options for both solo and multiplayer gameplay. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard soccer enthusiast, FIFA 23 offers an enjoyable and authentic soccer experience.

Fifa 23 is now 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale

WWE 2k23

WWE 2k23 steam summer sale

WWE 2K23 is the latest installment in the popular professional wrestling video game series. It offers an immersive experience where players can step into the shoes of their favorite WWE superstars and compete in intense matches.

With improved graphics, realistic gameplay mechanics, and an expanded roster featuring current and legendary wrestlers, players can engage in thrilling single-player and multiplayer modes, including career mode, online matches, and customizable tournaments. WWE 2K23 aims to deliver an authentic and action-packed wrestling experience for fans of the sport.

WWE 2k23 is now 35% off during the Steam Summer Sale

When will the Steam Summer Sale discounts end on sports games?

There are no genre-specific times that the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is broken up into, so as long as the Steam Summer Sale 2023 is going, so will the discounts on sports games.

The Steam Summer Sale 2023 will end on 7/13/2023 for all games, including sports games. This should give you plenty of time to pick up all your favorites, but don’t wait too long or else you might miss the window to purchase them at a great deal.

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