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Bethesda reveal Into the Starfield vlog, showcasing in-game factions

We get a closer look at the Starfield factions and companions in a new Into the Starfield trailer.

Updated: Mar 16, 2022 3:18 pm
Into the Starfield Companion Faction trailer

Bethesda has revealed a brand new Starfield dev vlog featuring a round table dev talk about the game. The trailer is called Into the Starfield, which focuses on the grander ambition of the game and a nice info dump of a few of the game’s features.

Into the Starfield reveals dynamic faction choices

If there was a summary of the new Into the Starfield dev vlog trailer, it would be dynamic factions. In the game’s universe, there are several big factions. So far, we got a look at four factions, including.

  • United Colonies
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Crimson Fleet

Each of these four factions in Starfield represents different themes you can expect from a Sci-Fi fantasy. The first one on the list is the United Colonies. Think of it as the old republic in Star Wars, with a collection of planets ruled by a republic, all united and being a major power and sense of stability in the wider reaches of space.

Then, there is the Freestar collective. These are the ragtag frontier colonists, settling on worlds. It takes its inspiration from the frontier of the U.S, with the space cowboy fantasy thriving amongst these spare farers. 

If you’re a fan of hype conglomerates, Ryujin Industries is the space-faring technologist and production faction. Here you will likely be treated as an employee, getting to see the everyday workers’ life at the far edges of space.

Finally, there is the Crimson Fleet. The Crimson Fleet are the rogues of Starfield. While most RPGs don’t let you play as the bad guy, the Into the Starfield trailer informed us, we could play as the Crimson Fleet. So, those who want to be space vagabonds can join the fleet. Moreso, we were informed we could infiltrate this faction and act as an undercover cop, and potentially vice versa.

Lastly, there was a commentary on the companion side of RPGs. The Into the Starfield trailer featured a Robot called VASCO. It refers to you as Captain and asks how it can serve you. Perhaps this is the first look at the gameplay side of the game, where you and your robot ship companions will plot your activities in space.

For those interested, you can watch the five minute long Into the Starfield trailer here.

Starfield launches on November 11.

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