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Nadia “exposes” arguments with Call of Duty staff

Updated: Sep 6, 2023 4:51 pm
Nadia “exposes” arguments with Call of Duty staff

“Nadia” Amine seems to have been blacklisted by Activision from Call of Duty events but both sides have different reasoning as to why. Nadia believes that it is because of her bikini pictures, while Activision has said it’s because she hasn’t been producing content for Call of Duty for some time.

Her story confirms that Activision has been clear about this and that they had said not every invite has been sent out yet, but she still insists it has more to do with the bikini tweets than what staff at Call of Duty have told her. She goes over her dealings with staff and she describes many of these interactions as arguments.

We’ll cover some of the bigger topics here and post a video where you can see the most interesting parts of her story. The below is directly from Nadia’s claims and her side.

Nadia gives her side to the Call of Duty story

The Call of Duty team supposedly told Nadia that she hadn’t been invited to events because of her lack of content for the game. Nadia’s response was that she had seen many people invited to the events who don’t stream Call of Duty and was told, “Some people just post [Call of Duty content] on YouTube.” We know this is true for creators like JGOD, who analyze Call of Duty as well as give updates and insights.

According to Nadia, she may have upset Activision originally during a Q&A session by saying slide canceling should make a return and was the reason the game “blew up.” When the staff said they couldn’t talk about that, she pushed the issue further. She was told that they didn’t know what was coming and to wait until the next season dropped.

Nadia then pushed the issue again, saying that slide canceling was important and was the reason that Call of Duty 2019 was better than MW2. Nadia believes that her comments upset the staff originally, and she continued on to more reasons why 2019 was better than MW2.

She told the staff that slide canceling being removed was a big reason why there aren’t as many Call of Duty TikToks anymore. The staff responded that her statement wasn’t true and that according to the numbers from TikTok, the newest game is doing just as well on the social media platform as previous installments. She then argued saying it wasn’t, and the back and forth continued.

Later when Nadia mentioned that she believed she wasn’t invited to events because she had kissed Azra on stream, she was told that it was exclusively a lack of content issue. She argued that she played Call of Duty with Chris Brown, but the team responded that it was only for the Vondel event—otherwise content was scarce. She disagreed.

We would like to reiterate that this is what Nadia has said herself, so we don’t know what Activision’s side is. Checking Nadia’s content makes it clear that she really hasn’t been posting Call of Duty content lately and definitely hasn’t been doing as much as months ago.

It’s a lot to talk about, and there is a lot more that Nadia has said, so we recommend watching the video above from our friends at Gamer Update.

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