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Clayster says CoD is an ‘arcade shooter’ now; too easy for newer players

Updated: Aug 30, 2023 1:08 pm
Clayster says CoD is an ‘arcade shooter’ now; too easy for newer players

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Clayster is pretty vocal about where he thinks the Call of Duty franchise has gone, and at this point, he doesn’t feel like it’s what it used to be. He makes some great points and brings up that inclusivity has really brought Call of Duty to the point where it is far too easy for newcomers.

Call of Duty has always been a really inclusive game, not requiring any real skill to join in, so more people can feel welcome, but is that a bad thing?

Clayster says ‘CoD ain CoD anymore’

James “Clayster” Eubanks is a three-time world champion of Call of Duty, he’s been in compLexity, FaZe Clan, United, Optic Gaming, and Dallas Empire. Clayster knows competitive Call of Duty, and his opinion is held in high regard because of that. However, this take is a hot one because he said the game has gone from being strategic to just being a random numbers generator so everyone can feel good at it.

According to Clayster “CoD ain’t CoD anymore man, CoD is like this weird thing we play now that’s like an arcade shooter but it’s not Call of Duty anymore… You used to be able to outplay people, like you could be better than someone else in CoD…”

Video courtesy of my friends at Gamer Update.

Clayster goes on to say that CoD used to have an even playing field, but that now there are so many tools and mechanics that eliminate skill just to give lower-tier players a chance at feeling great. There are ways to find opponents hiding, any weapon can be shot straight without much difficulty, spawns are random rather than thoughtfully placed, so you can be outmaneuvered just by a random spawn.

“It’s especially gotten to the point where it’s kind of just random now. The spawns don’t makes sense, the guns are easy to shoot, position doesn’t really matter – people can map you – it’s RNG, it’s random now.”

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