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Corsair Virtuoso Pro: The open-back solution for gamers

Streaming and gaming go hand-in-hand - the Virtuoso Pro has both covered

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 8:10 pm
Corsair Virtuoso Pro: The open-back solution for gamers

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Now that the Corsair Virtuoso Pro has crash-landed into the streaming/gaming headset market, it is starting to cement itself as one of the go-to options for gamers and streamers alike. Searching for a new headset can be a pretty tiresome task, with plenty of options out there, but this headset stands out from the crowd. We recently reviewed the Virtuoso Pro and had plenty to say about it, it’s a premium headset pick for sure. Finding the right headset for you relies on having an absolute cornucopia of knowledge, and knowing just what works best for your particular setup – and in a quiet, studio-like setting, it’s hard to beat open-back. To put it simply, this means that air can escape through the ear cups to allow for more natural-sounding acoustics as opposed to being closed off and dampened. It’s why open back headsets have been a go to choice for audiophiles for years.

Anyone that hasn’t yet experienced open-back sound definitely needs to have a go. This headset was built with streamers and broadcasters in mind, and its design reflects that. As Corsair’s first venture into an open-back headset, they’ve certainly delivered a top option for this more niche market, but the gaming focus gives it a more mainstream twist. Their HS60 headset looked the part with its metal grill, but the Virtuoso Pro fully delivers on that open and organic soundstage that you may have been missing out on, and you also get that industrial gungy look as well, making it really stand out from the crowd.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro offers studio-grade sound

Your average flashy RGB headset will stick to a closed-back design. That means they’re nice for shutting out external noise, but this can have a negative effect on comfort and sound quality. For those of you that want a more natural-sounding experience, look towards this open-back pair. Pair it with a DAC and XLR mic, and you’ve got yourself high-quality sound which is broadcast-ready for Twitch (or your streaming platform of choice). Another bonus is that you’ll be able to monitor your own voice easily. Even if you aren’t a streamer, you’ll appreciate the spacious sound and experience even the most familiar games in a new and immersive way.


Line up some of your favourite music, find yourself some lossless audio files, and you’ll hear the difference right away. Especially if you’re making a considerable upgrade. As the Virtuoso Pro features plug-and-play connectivity, you can use them simply as a pair of studio-like headphones. A mic attachment is included, even though much of the target audience will have a standalone mic for optimal audio quality; the included microphone does the job nicely as an all-in-one gaming headset regardless.

We’d have to say that the Virtuoso Pro is the perfect balance between audiophile headphones and gaming headset, sitting comfortably in between and offering the best of both worlds – not something you see hit the market too often. We’d be pleased to see Corsair continue in this direction as more gamers should look to experience this kind of high quality sound without splashing out on a pair designed solely for music production.

Stylish yet muted design fits any setup

You can’t really go wrong with an all-black design. That’s what we got when we tested the Carbon colorway, but a just as attractive all-white option is a good alternative which keeps the not-so-flashy design in check. A stark color contrast, but the perfect match for any all-white gaming setup. Corsair are letting the open-back styling feature heavily to compliment the premium aluminum finish and muted tone, metal grill on show for all.

There’s much to be said about the comfort too, which is of course an important factor. Airy design doesn’t just mean spacious sound, it also means less pressure on your ears due to natural ventilation which prevents overheating, no sweat. Despite the metallic build, they’re pretty lightweight too at just 338g, you’ll find them comfortable even after a full day of use. Speaking of the build, the quality is just what you’d expect from Corsair – reliable, sturdy, and built to last. One last thing to praise in terms of design is that the speaker tags are user-replaceable without any hassle at all.

A closer look at the tech that powers the Virtuoso Pro

If you’re particularly interested in just what goes into a high-quality headset like this, then it’s time to look behind the scenes. First thing you’ll notice is that they’re exclusively wired, with familiar analog 3.5mm connectivity which works with a wide range of devices, hence the consumer-grade 32 Ohms impedance. This analog input is much-appreciated to ensure top-quality audio. Corsair’s Virtuoso Pro features a custom 50mm Graphene audio driver (their very first Graphene drivers) which is really a key component for gaming, bass, and powerful dynamic sound without compromising too much on the natural sound or introducing distortion into the mix. Frequency response sits at 20Hz – 40,000Hz, rivalling high-end studio headphones. Additionally, 117dB (±3dB) sensitivity means this pair of headphones can get nice and loud while retaining those great acoustics.


We touched on the microphone attachment included before, serving the headset well with crisp audio capture, though we definitely like the look of the Virtuoso Pro paired with a desk mic for that studio feeling. If not though, the mic boom is super flexible and the uni-directional design helps cut out any unwanted background noise.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro

Corsair Virtuoso Pro



Frequency Range

20-40,000 Hz








Now it’s about time to wrap up. We think that the Corsair Virtuoso Pro is a must-have for any streamer or content creator that wants a headset that meshes gaming design and studio-ready sound into a single solution. It comes packaged with everything you need in its tidy carrying case, cables detached, ready for you to plug and play into your particular setup with ease.

For finer audio tuning, Corsair recommend the use of software such as Elgato Wave Link and a little tinkering around helps you get just the sound you’re looking for. You don’t have to be a streamer to benefit from this though – if you’ve not got any of the fancy extras, don’t worry, the Virtuoso Pro alone serves perfectly as an open-back alternative to the rest of the gaming headset crowd.

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