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Crusader Kings III Xbox & PlayStation Gamescom News – CK 3 Console Port

CK3 Xbox Game Pass - Crusader Kings 3 On Console

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Crusader Kings III Xbox & PlayStation has been confirmed! The next gen CK3 console port will soon be here. Read below to hear about everything we know from the Crusader Kings III Gamescom reveal.

Crusader Kings III Console Port Details

For the CK3 console port, Paradox have appointed Lab42, the studio behind the ports of the Yakuza series and Sonic Mania. Reportedly the console version of Crusader Kings III is being approached more as an adaptation rather than a straight port – the difference being that significant changes have to be made to the game’s User Interface in order to be an enjoyable experience for console users, though changes to the actual gameplay should be minimal / hopefully non-existent.

In a similar fashion to how Cities: Skylines plays on console, the console version of CK3 will utilize radial menus and shortcuts which are better suited to the use of a controller than a mouse and keyboard. See the Crusader Kings III Accouncement trailer below for a sneak peak at what to expect.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Crusader Kings III for PC – checkout our Crusader Kings III System Requirements page so you know what PC you’ll need to run the game as well as the best places to buy the game cheap!

Crusader Kings III Xbox Announcement Trailer

CK3 Console Port Release Date - When Can I Play Crusader Kings III On Xbox & PlayStation?

There hasn’t yet been a definitive Crusader Kings III console release date given, but as soon as we hear one we will update this page accordingly.

Crusader Kings III Next Gen Only? - CK3 For Xbox One

It is uncertain whether CK3 on Xbox One is happening.

Unfortunately for Xbox One owners, confirmation of Crusader Kings III on Xbox Series S & X and PlayStation 5 was the only thing confirmed at Gamescom.

Earlier leaks from Taiwan’s Digital Game Rating Committee which listed a rating for Xbox One did seem to suggest that a CK3 Xbox One port was likely, but the Xbox news site only mentions CK3 for Xbox Series X|S.

It could be that the Xbox One could still happen, just at a later date than the next-gen ports. Stay tuned onto WePC for the latest updates as soon as they become available!

CK3 Xbox Game Pass

CK3 Xbox Game Pass

Crusader Kings III has been available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC gamers since 2020, however this is the first time that actual Xbox gamers will be able to play it.

CK3 has been confirmed for Day One Xbox game pass release – meaning that game pass subscription holders will be able to play the game as soon as it is released on Next Gen consoles.

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