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First Look At The FIFA 22 Leaked Ones To Watch Cards

FIFA 22 will also feature 'ones to watch' cards for Ultimate Team - with leaks starting to surface the web

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There’s isn’t long to go before FIFA 22 finally goes live, with pre-orders now live and a closed beta available to those lucky enough to be selected.

Official news aside, however, news of leaked ‘Ones to watch’ cards have also surfaced this week – with the first five players being unofficially revealed.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the leaked ‘Ones to watch’ cards and extrapolating any further information from what has been leaked.

So, with that in mind, let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it!

FIFA 22 Ones To Watch Leaked

Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular choice of game mode inside the FIFA franchise, with fans expected to go all-in on the new version of the game. New special promotional cards will be deployed this year, in an act to try and increase on the levels of player engagement.

We’ve already seen the arrival of FUT Hero players in FIFA 22, with the return of Ones to watch cards being a welcome addition.

With hype for the new FIFA game growing, it was no real surprise to see additional information leaked. Most recently, those leaks have surrounded the Ones to watch cards and who may be available on them.

What Players Will Feature On FIFA 22 Ones To Watch Cards?

Right now, EA has only announced that the Ones to watch cards will actually return – they have yet to release an official statement with any players that will feature. Well, not exactly.

One player has been announced by EA, and that’s Real Madrid’s David Alaba – a player that made the move from Bayern Munich in the current transfer window.

We’ll be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest Ones to watch news, so be sure to check back for all the latest FIFA 22 updates.

Leaked FIFA 22 Ones To Watch Cards

Remember, the following Ones to watch cards are pure speculation. One Instagram user posted images of the leaked cards, accompanied by player ratings too.

Here’s what the leak suggested:

  • Jadon Sancho – Manchester United (89-rated)
  • Memphis Depay – Barcelona (86-rated)
  • Achraf Hakimi – Paris Saint-Germain (85-rated)
  • Jack Grealish – Manchester City (84-rated)
  • Ibrahmia Konate – Liverpool (81-rated)


Like always, there will be plenty of exciting OTW players in the new FIFA 22, alongside some in-form players from the season at hand.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information at this early stage – however, we’ll be updating this page with all the latest news and updates on Ones to watch cards as and when it comes in.

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