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Co-op is no longer safe due to this Genshin Impact Hack

Updated: Aug 28, 2023 1:06 pm
Co-op is no longer safe due to this Genshin Impact Hack

Do you want to learn why Co-op is no longer safe because of a Genshin Impact hack? Co-op in Genshin Impact will become available for players once they reach Adventure Rank 16. This feature will allow you to invite other players or friends on an adventure or into your Serenitea Pot.

However, due to third-party plug-ins by malicious players, Co-op is now a feature many players do not want to participate in, as these players will damage your world. Find out what this hack is and why it’s not safe for players in co-op mode.

Why are Genshin Impact fans terrified of this hack?

Co-op has always been a fun feature where you can interact with friends or other players worldwide. However, there has recently been a co-op hack that will tamper with your game data and delete your items in-game. When playing Genshin Impact, players will receive an invite; upon accepting, the character Kaveh will remove your items within your world.

It was then mentioned in a Reddit Post that other players should stay away from any Co-op modes. One Reddit user also stated, “Don’t co-op anyone,” By not accepting any invites, your open world and items will remain safe.

While there has been plenty of panic over the last course of the days, on the official Genshin Impact Discord server, moderators have told the community, “The Genshin team has been made aware of the co-op issue and they’re doing their utmost to correct it.”

However, though it is easy for players to suggest they do not accept any invites, it will halt your game progression. While you cannot complete the story in co-op mode, weekly bosses, domains, and achievements can be completed.

Due to the Kaveh hack, many users have now taken to spreading awareness of the bug. While others, like a Twitter user, have stated, “never doing co-op.” While plenty of Genshin Impact fans fear this new hack, some Twitter users have now created memes to make light of this hack.

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