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Genshin Impact players cannot kill this monster without feeling intense guilt

Updated: Aug 22, 2023 3:13 pm
Genshin Impact players cannot kill this monster without feeling intense guilt

Genshin Impact recently released the latest Version 4.0 As Light Rain Falls Without Reason update, showcasing new playable characters, weapons, regions, creatures, and monsters. However, as many players are making their way through the new area, experimenting with the latest diving mechanic, there’s no doubt they will defeat a monster or two along the way.

In the latest Genshin Impact 4.0 update, players are having a hard time killing this monster without feeling intense guilt over how adorable it is. When gaming, you’ll often find horrendous or the most adorable creatures, but this one really takes the cake.

Why do Genshin Impact players feel guilt when killing this monster?

Many of the new creatures found in Fontaine have captured the hearts of many Travelers, including the new Fontemer Aberrant Blubberbeast. When you defeat these monsters, they can give you Mora, Character XP, Transoceanic Pearl, and various materials. The only problem is when you find these sea creatures washed up on shore, they will not fight back when you attack them, and will stare at you with tears in their eyes.

As mentioned in a Reddit Post, this has led many fans to feel guilt when killing these monsters. As they are super cute and teary-eyed, many feel they don’t deserve to be killed. Many have also equated the death of these monsters and “seal abuse” and felt heartless when they accidentally attack them. Travelers have also mentioned wanting to include them within the Serenitea Teapot.

One Twitter user also stated, “Noooo don’t make me kill blubberbeast,” when it was first introduced on the Genshin Impact Twitter account, and many have expressed their feelings of wanting a plushie of the Blubberbeast due to its cuteness and have called it “friend-shaped.” Of course, you also have a select few players who will take advantage of this easy farming method, much to the dismay of the Blubberbeast.

Though you may feel guilty killing this monster, be vary when finding it within the Elton Trench and Chemin de L’Espoir, they can pack a hefty punch! If you don’t want to murder this creature, you can also take on a hidden quest to obtain a Luxurious Chest. So, even though you’ve been on a murder spree acquiring materials, you can help one Blubberbeast to make up for it.

With the new patch, you may be curious to check out what new bosses you can find in Fontaine in addition to the new artifacts.

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