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GTFO reaches an all-time low price on Steam

Survival horror at a huge discount.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023 7:38 pm
GTFO reaches an all-time low price on Steam

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GTFO is a cooperative first-person shooter game where players work together to survive and extract valuable artifacts from a dark and treacherous underground complex. It emphasizes teamwork, communication, and strategic planning while facing intense combat encounters and solving challenging puzzles. If this sounds like this would appeal to you, act now as GTFO reaches an all-time low price on Steam.

If you want to know when the next Steam Sale is, we have you covered.

GTFO reaches an all-time low price on Steam

GTFO all time low steam sale

GTFO is currently experiencing a massive sale over on Steam, the game is 33% off right now. This brings the current price down to £23.99/$26.79 from £34.99/$39.99. Grab your copy below and begin plunging into the abyss.

Check out GTFO on Steam right here

GTFO is designed for co-op play, if you don’t have friends to play it with you probably won’t enjoy it as much as you could. The game is challenging when you play alone.

GTFO steam sale

This GTFO sale is part of the MIDWEEK DEALS offer, which usually takes place in the middle of the week. However, thanks to the current Next Fest celebration, the deals have been released early.

According to SteamDB, this is the lowest price the game has ever been on Steam, so you should probably act fast.

How long will the GTFO deal last?

According to both Steam and SteamDB, the 33% GTFO deal should last until 29/06/23 (10 full days). That date is when the highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale will begin, and we should see even more games with even greater discounts.

Act fast, and pick up your discounted copy of GTFO as GTFO reaches an all-time low price on Steam.

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