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Halo Infinite leaked vehicles

Footage has been revealed of some of the weapons that could be coming to Halo Infinite when it gets its release in December 2021

Updated: Sep 27, 2021 3:48 pm
Halo Infinite leaked vehicles

As the end of a Halo Infinite Beta weekend approaches, a Spanish Halo Infinite leak Twitter profile has released clips of five weapons that are supposedly coming to the sixth instalment in the Halo series. Based on previous gameplay and what we know about Halo Infinite already, these are five weapons that we could be able to interact with in both Campaign and Multiplayer.

Halo Infinite vehicles – Scorpion

The Scorpion is an absolute beast of a tank, and we can see from the footage that it packs a blow, too. Various Scorpion Battle Tanks have appeared throughout the Halo series of games until now, so it would be no surprise to see this appear in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite vehicles – Chopper

The Chopper, in contrast, is more of a motorcycle. Small, fast and nimble, this rapid assault vehicle is a great all-rounder, despite minimal protection from the sides. This chopper, from the Twitter footage, looks slightly different from its Halo predecessors. A little longer and a little meaner, it’s an absolute beauty, and seems to have perfect handling, even in this early leaked state. Unlike the Scorpion, the Chopper is also a Covenant weapon, so expect advanced technology over brute strength.

Halo Infinite vehicles – Banshee

banshee medsia

Alongside a tank and a bike, it’s only natural we’d get a glimpse at an upcoming aircraft as well. The Banshee has also appeared in multiple Halo games before, in various forms, with yet another stylistic change for this one. Equipped with a projectile weapon on the front, and the ability to carry out a host of evasive maneuvers, the Banshee is another fast, stealthy vehicle.

Halo Infinite vehicles – Wasp

Another human weapon, the Wasp has some meaty rocket launchers on the underside, squeezed neatly alongside round propellers for vertical take off and landing (VTOL). All of this makes this compact little aircraft, again, speedy and stealthy.

Halo Infinite vehicles – Wraith

This Wraith looks like it shoots forward, suggesting this is not an anti-aircraft Wraith, as we have seen before. Intended instead for on-the-ground combat, the Wraith is small but mighty, firing out mortar with relatively long range, and switching to a standard mounted gun for closer combat.

Halo Infinite leaked vehicles

All five vehicles are versions of vehicles that have been in Halo games before Infinite, making it even more believable that we can expect to see these weapons in-game. Check out the original Twitter post for all five full clips.

Do you like to take to the skies or speed along the ground? Let us know your favorite vehicle in the comments below!

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