How To Find Minerva In Fallout 76

Here's how to find the elusive gold bullion trader

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So, where is Minerva in Fallout 76? It’s a question we get asked around here quite a bit and for good reason – mainly thanks to the rare trades and discounts she brings to the wastelands.

The gold bullion vendor sells ‘recreations’ of rare plans and recipes that make her an incredibly valuable asset in the game. She was introduced to Fallout 76 during the Steel Reign update back in July 7, 2021 – accompanied by her bodyguard Tommy Ten-Toes and Brahmin Minos.

Throughout the week, Minerva will show up in one of three randomly selected locations in Appalachia – with players having to make the journey to find out for themselves where she’s trading.

In this article, we’ll be showing you exactly where to find Minerva in Fallout 76. We’ll also be updating this article weekly to keep you on top of her current location.

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Where Is Minerva In Fallout 76

Minerva shows up in one of three randomly selected locations each week – with no way of knowing where’s she’ll be unless making the trip yourself. Whilst this might seem a pain, Minerva offers up an attractive inventory, along with some taste discounts (25% off) for those that want to seek her out.

To make your lives that little bit easier, we’ve created this guide that will keep on top of Minerva’s location in Fallout 76 – saving you time and effort.

Below are the three locations she will be found at each week:

  • Foundation: Previously Spruce Knob, in the southern area of the Savage Divide.
  • Fort Atlas: East of Monongah on Route 63 in the Savage Divide.
  • The Crater: Northeastern edge of Toxic Valley. Was known as the crashed space station.

When Does Minerva Move In Fallout 76?

Minerva will move often throughout the month and can only be found during two new events: Minerva’s Emporium (running Monday – Wednesday) and Minerva’s Big Sale – a discounted event that sees 25% knocked off the asking price. The latter of the two events will run from Thursday to Monday.

Here’s the most recent Minerva locations in the game – if you’re a betting person, you may be able to predict where she’ll show up next:

DateLocationInventory List
July 12-14, 2021FoundationList 1
July 19-21, 2021CraterList 2
July 26-28, 2021Fort AtlasList 3
August 5-9, 2021FoundationList 4
August 16-18, 2021CraterList 5
August 23-25, 2021Fort AtlasList 6
August 30-Sept 1, 2021FoundationList 7

How To Get Gold Bullion In Fallout 76

At this stage, you may (or may not) be asking how to get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to start collecting the priceless trading currency – here’s how.

There are three main ways you can collect Gold Bullion in Fallout 76 – all include some form of exchange, quest completion, or purchased.

  • Exchange Treasury notes at a Gold Press Machine
  • Collect Treasury Notes by completing puiblic events and Wastelander’s daily quests
  • Purchase the Gold Bullion directly from a vendor in Wayward using caps (comes with weekly limit)