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*LIVE*Intel Core i5-13600K release date, price, where to buy

Here’s where to buy the Core i5-13600K

Updated: Oct 24, 2022 8:18 am
*LIVE*Intel Core i5-13600K release date, price, where to buy

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Intel is about to release its 13th-generation beasts into the world. We, as well as many others, are very excited about this CPU release. The reason being is the performance increase that has been announced over the 12th-generation Alder Lake CPUs. More on that later. Here’s our i5-13600K where to buy page. We update these pages regularly, so you can be sure that the data on this page is the most accurate it can be.

*Update* 21/10/22 – Orders are selling out fast, you don’t have long to pick up your very own 13th-generation Intel CPU. We don’t know when stock will return.

*Update* 20/10/22 2PM BST – The CPUs are now live and you can find them at a lot of retailers. Check the links below for a fully updated list of retailers as we find them.

*Update* 20/10/22 – Intel is launching its 13th-generation processors at 2 PM, this will be when you can pick up your 13th gen Raptor Lake CPU available to buy from online retailers. See the links below as we’ve outlined where to buy a brand new i5-13600K CPU, so you don’t have to spend time scouring the web.

*Update* – We are just a day away from the intel launch as retailers are ramping up to put the 13th gen on sale, If we’re lucky, we’ll see some CPUs on sale a little early as this sometimes occurs. Keep checking back here to see if there’s any development. However, the 13th gen CPUs don’t officially go on sale until 2 PM Thursday, October 20th.

We’re going to discuss the release date, price, and where to buy the i5-13600K in this article today. 

Intel Core i5-13600K release date 

The release date of the Core i5-13600K has been confirmed as the 20th of October 2022. This release date was announced at intel’s 2022 Innovation event by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Intel 13th generation performance 

We don’t officially have our hands on the CPUs yet but, we got a snippet of what we can expect from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger at the latest Intel Innovation event. 

Pat explained that the 13th gen is expected to show a single-core performance increase of up to 15% over an Alder Lake equivalent CPU, as well as a multi-core performance increase of up to 42%. A massive performance increase is said to blow even AMD’s latest CPUs out of the water. 

Intel Core i5-13600K specifications 

Here are the specifications of the Core-i5-13600K  

  • Cores: P-cores 6 / E-cores 8
  • Threads: 20
  • Base clock frequency: P-cores 3.5 GHz / E-cores 2.6 GHz
  • Boost clock frequency: P-cores 5.1 GHz / E-cores 3.9 GHz
  • L3 cache: 20MB
  • Default TDP: 125 W / 181 W boost.
  • iGPU: Intel UHD graphics 770

Core i5-13600K price 

The Core i5-13600K is going to set you back around $319 USD, that’s around the same cost as AMD’s 7600X. A CPU with fewer cores and threads. If Intel is doing this well in terms of price-to-performance ratios, what’s the use in buying AMD anymore? 

Where to buy Core i5-13600K / KF

Here’s where to buy the Core i5-13600K, we listed most retailers that will carry the 13700K upon release, there are even some retailers that allow you to pre-order. 


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