Far Cry 6 Crossplay, Release Dates, & Trailers

Answering some of the big questions that still revolve around Ubisoft's Far Cry 6

Far cry 6
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Latest Update: 16th August – Pre-order now available  – Yara island biggest map to date. 

Over the years, Far Cry has become one of the most loved open-world shooters in history – offering up exciting storylines, intriguing characters, and explosive gameplay to both PC and console gamers. The latest game to arrive in the franchise is Far Cry 6 – a new chapter in the saga that looks set to be every bit as fiery as the ones that came before it.

Whilst Ubisoft has done a great job of maintaining the excitement that surrounds this game, there are still plenty of unanswered questions – one of which being, will Far Cry 6 be crossplay? We’ll be trying to answer some of the major questions that surround Far Cry 6 in the following article, so let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it!

Far Cry 6 Trailer

Like always, Ubisoft is clever with releasing the marketing material for the latest Far Cry game – drawing out the anticipation in truly annoying fashion. That being said, and at the time of writing this, there is plenty of material available as of now – including a cinematic trailer:

Far Cry 6 Cinematic Trailer

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Trailer

Will Far Cry 6 Be Crossplay?

One of the big questions many Far Cry fans are asking is, will the 6th chapter of the saga be available in crossplay – allowing console gamers to play alongside PC gamers. Right now, there isn’t a great deal of information regarding this. However, if previous iterations of the game are anything to go by – and the fact that the game doesn’t offer multiplayer modes, only co-op – chances are it will not feature crossplay functionality.

That being said, you will likely be able to play co-op alongside your friend over console generations (PS4 to PS5, for example).

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Originally, when the game was first announced, Ubisoft stated that Far Cry 6 would likely release sometime in February of 2021. However, we’ve since smashed past that – mainly thanks to the timing of COVID and people having to work from home. However, since lockdown restrictions have started to ease, we have seen Far Cry 6 resurface with a full gameplay reveal.

Ubisoft has also come out confirming that the official release date will be October 7th 2021. 

Will Far Cry 6 Have A Beta?

With Beta games being hugely popular at the moment, it’s no wonder so many people are asking whether or not Far Cry 6 will offer the same functionality. Unfortunately, the possibility of a Far Cry 6 Beta seems fairly slim right now – mainly because it doesn’t offer multiplayer functionality. Furthermore, with a release date of just over a couple of months away, the chances of a Beta become even slimmer.