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Jedi: Survivor – How to dive underwater

Updated: Apr 28, 2023 11:22 pm
Jedi: Survivor – How to dive underwater

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Swimming in games all comes down to learning on the fly. Many games won’t allow your character to swim and even trying so outright just kills the character or sends them back to the land after a brief blank screen.

Thankfully, you can swim easily without any effort. Cal will do it automatically. Diving in Jedi: Survivor requires some extra steps. Here’s how to dive underwater as Cal.

How to dive underwater in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

As a Jedi, Cal can do many things and wield many lightsabers in Jedi: Survivor, though he isn’t much for moving along slippery surfaces by himself. However, when it comes to swimming, Cal is able to jump into water and swim about both above and below the surface, but only in certain situations. Diving is a sort of side quest, really. Once you find the NPC robot Scoova, you’ll learn to dive underneath the water.

Diving controls in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Below are the controls for Diving in Jedi: Survivor.

  • Dive: Hold X on Xbox Series X|S or Square on PS5
  • Swim deeper: Press Square on PS5 or b on Xbox Series X|S Square
  • Swim to surface: Press A on Xbox Series X|S or X on PS5
  • Accerlate: Press Circle on PS5 or B on Xbox Series X|S

Where is Scoova

Scoova can only be found nearby specific bodies of water. You can locate them on the map by finding pools or areas of water. They stand out as they are quite a large robotic figure. They sort of look like a vehicle as well. Once you’ve located them, you’ll need to start a conversation with them in order to learn how to dive. Afterwards, you’ll be able to jump into the water they’re close to and dive beneath.

The main reason you’ll ever need to go beneath the water is to collect treasure. If you find Scoova near a body of water, that means they have a treasure hunt activity you can take part in. Somewhere under the water there is a hidden cache that you must find full that is full of useful items.

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