MSI Announces Another AMD 580 Graphics Card

Thought you’d seen the last of the 580 GPU series? So did we, but it turns out that MSI has got another AMD 580 graphics card lined up.

This information comes from a report from Videocardz, images have been leaked that show MSI has been planning another 580 release in the near future. 

MSI Armor Radeon 580 – What’s The Difference?

The first difference you’ll note between this new graphics card and the previously released 580 is that AMD has dropped the red and silver highlights from the card and have gone with a simple all-black design. 

When it comes to the design and functionality itself, there are some other key differences. It looks like AMD has improved the cooling system, installed a new PCB and remodeled the I/O plate. 

However, MSI hasn’t released any specification details yet, so we’re not 100% sure how these changes will affect performance if they do so at all.

It’s safe to say that it looks like this design aims for the title of peak performer in the Armor 580 range. We can only assume that AMD has improved on its past performance with this model. 

Will It Be Worth An Upgrade?

Whether it will promise enough improvement to warrant a purchase remains to be seen though. We will have to wait and see until the specifications come out so we can compare the data. 

As of yet, if you are currently looking for a budget graphics card with decent performance, then the AMD 580 is still a solid option. If you’re in no rush, then it might be worth holding out to see how this new 580 performs before making a decision. 

What do you think about MSI’s decision to build a new AMD 580 graphics card? Will you be keeping an eye out on the specifications when they’re finally announced?