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Activision teases what to expect in MW2 Season 3 – WZ Ranked, Plunder & more

Updated: Feb 15, 2023 4:51 pm
Activision teases what to expect in MW2 Season 3 – WZ Ranked, Plunder & more

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In a recent tweet, during the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 2, Activision have teased some additional information about Season 3 that we were not privy to until just now. Here’s what we can expect from Season 3 according to them.

Season 2 Reloaded announcements include, a new core 6v6 multiplayer map, new RAID episode and new multiplayer modes.

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What’s in MW2 Season 3?

Well from what we can gather from the tweet, there are three distinct things we should excited about. These are as follows:

Warzone Ranked

All of these announcements must be taken with a pinch of salt, but we believe this alludes to a Ranked mode for players to enjoy in Warzone. We’re not entirely sure when exactly this will happen. In any case, Warzone 2 players can cautiously look forward to the future addition of a Ranked mode


Plunder is a popular mode featured in the original Warzone. The return of Plunder is something exciting for players of the old Warzone, to be sure. Plunder is essentially a mode in which players are tasked with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $2 million.

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In Season 3 – players can look forward to the return of Gunfight. This 2V2 fast-paced modes challenges both teams to kill each other within 40 seconds – or capture a flag.

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Since the tweet mentioned “Season 3 and beyond” it’s difficult to put an exact date on when the two game modes will join the fray, of course.

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