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Office 2021 Keys: Best Deals and Offers

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Updated: Sep 13, 2023 3:53 pm
Office 2021 Keys: Best Deals and Offers


If you’re looking for good deals on Office 2021 Keys you’ve in the right place. Microsoft Office 2021, as you probably know, is a fantastic family of applications. One that has become well-renowned over the years. It’s ideal for producing a wide range of content and documents, and easily satisfying professional level deliverables everywhere and anywhere. Whether at home, or in a professional, or educational setting, Office 2021 has the tool for the job. It is, without a doubt, the best collection of productivity programs in the market today. However, that does come with one major caveat. Because it’s so popular that does mean it’s considerably more expensive than perhaps it should be.

But all hope is not lost, read on to find out how to get a genuine Office 2021 key, while saving money in the process.

Office 2021 Key: all you need to know

Buying an Office 2021 key can significantly improve your professional or personal endeavors. Whether you intend on writing essays, creating slideshows, or entering complex data-sets into some of the most advanced spreadsheets around, Office 2021 gives you a complete set of tools to execute these tasks. Microsoft provides a range of Office 2021 Product Key packages. These packages are designed to suit specific needs, depending on what you need. If you’re only looking to use software for studying, or if you want to organize your business life more effectively, there’s a package for that. However, as previously mentioned, due to the exceptionally high quality you get with these programs, they typically come at a high cost if you are going to buy the software directly from Microsoft. 

While you might think you can save money by renting Microsoft 365 (the subscription based version of the suite), it takes as little as 10 months to exceed the cost of a lifetime Microsoft Office license. Which, unlike Microsoft 365, gives you access to all of Office 2021’s software, to own forever for years to come.

Fortunately, there are some ways to save money by looking for offers on other websites. 

Best Office 2021 Key Deals and Offers

So where can you buy both affordable yet legitimate Office 2021 Keys? Well, you can of course try second-hand marketplaces, such as eBay, however it can be difficult to guarantee authenticity. Additionally, if you’re struggling with any authentication issues, or even just downloading the product, the seller may not be able to offer any significant help.

You can instead, go to licensed resellers, who, in addition to providing some of the best prices out there, also ensure that it’s a genuine product, a legitimate sale, with impeccable customer service to back it all up.

With Mr Key Shop’s current offers, you can save more than £400.00 when purchasing Professional Plus. If you were to buy Office Professional Plus 2021 from Microsoft, at the time of writing this, it would cost £499, whereas Mr Key Plus is currently selling it for £96.99 and Keycense for £89.99. With Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student, Keycense’s and Mr Key Shop’s offers allow you to save up to £60.00, importantly. While you would save around £165.00 if you were to purchase the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 package, you could buy the Professional Plus package, as Mr Key Shop is selling both packages for £96.99, and Keycense for just £89.99. You’d get all the software on offer from the Business package, but also, if you were to ever need basic graphic design or data management software, you’d also have access to Publisher and Access.

How to find the best deals for Office 2021 Key

Thanks to the deals for Office 2021 Key – and other Microsoft Office deals – on platforms like Mr Key Shop or Keycense, you can save money, buy with secure payment methods, receive the product immediately after the purchase, avoiding shipping times and costs, receive support from customer service before or after the purchase and, in case of a wrong purchase, enjoy the money-back guarantee​. You can also opt for a cheap Microsoft Office key for a single program, such as Word, to write an essay or brief, further reducing costs. But you may find yourself a week later needing to organize your emails or having to create a professional presentation. With the different packages on offer, you can save yourself the hassle of buying a different license every other month, by buying a number of different Microsoft Office Product Keys in a package deal.

Mr Key Shop is the well known online shop, specialized in software licenses, where you can also buy the Windows 11 Product Key or Windows 10 Key (and former Windows operating systems), some of the best antivirus and VPN apps around, along with some of the best backup software and Windows Server products. 100,000s of satisfied customers and more than 2.5K positive reviews on Trustpilot are the further warranty you may ask for.

Keycense is a constantly evolving platform to keep an eye on: there you can buy an operating system like your Microsoft Office key for PC or for Mac, antivirus software that you may combine with a VPN, and they also promise to soon introduce prepaid cards and gaming licenses. The prices on Keycense are particularly advantageous considering the quality of the products and the service. We are curious to see their offers during Black Friday.

Buy the right Microsoft Office lifetime license for your PC

There are currently three Microsoft Office lifetime license bundles on offer: Professional Plus, Home and Business, and Home and Student. Each deal features a host of software, at different price points. Professional Plus is best suited for those who are in business environments that require a range of software to manage your working life. Home and Business is for those who may not need as many tools for complex data management or design work, but still need workplace organization. Home and Student is for those who need the essential Office software, best suited to students looking to use the best tools for essay-writing, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Office 2021 Professional Plus Key

Think of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus as the flagship model. The range of software on offer is not only comprehensive, but state of the art. The package includes all the Office programs you’d expect, such as the industry-leading Word, and Excel programs. However, what sets Professional Plus aside from other packages is the inclusion of Publisher and Access. Publisher has everything you need to design creative pages, whether that’s for posters, magazines or manuals. It’s similar to Word, but has a focus on creativity. With a wide range of fonts, templates and stock designs, you’ll be creating professional looking designs with ease. Access is less flashy, but just as essential for a workspace. It’s a database manager that allows you to store, organize and analyze data. Thanks to Microsoft’s intuitive designs, you can learn how to use this powerful tool with ease.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 Key

If you can’t think of when you’d need to use database management or graphic design, the Office Home and Business 2021 package might be a better fit for you. What sets this bundle aside from other, cheaper solutions is the inclusion of Outlook. Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the number of emails you have coming in, struggling to organize which meeting is when or keep losing details for important contacts? Whilst most people see Outlook as an email service, it is also a powerful program for calendar organization, contact detail management and email structuring. It also features handy to-do list widgets and state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your security.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 Key

If you’re a student looking for the right software to write essays, create presentations, make better notes in class and nail spreadsheets, the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 bundle might be right for you. It may not have organizational tools like Outlook, or design tools like Publisher, but you do have the essential programs to create professional and industry standard documents. With Microsoft’s word processor, Word, you’ll find the tools to aid you in writing essays more efficiently than ever. Whether it’s the citation helper, which organizes and formats sources to a variety of different referencing styles, or the intelligent grammar checker, which ensures your writing is legible and reads professionally, using Word will make sure that you have a good experience writing. The Office Home and Student 2021 package also features PowerPoint, which allows you to create professional looking presentations, OneNote, which allows you to make notes and then organize them more effectively than a normal notepad, and Excel, an incredibly powerful tool for spreadsheets, which lets you create graphs, analyze data, and much more.

Cheap Office 2021 for Mac

Cheap Office 2021 for Mac isn’t an impossibility either. The 2021 version of Microsoft Office for Mac is available in two packages at Mr Key Shop’s. You can get, Office Home & Student 2021 and Office Home & Business 2021. The same ones available on Keycense. Office 2021 for Mac will give you all the latest features and functionality, as well as the PC version: co-authoring and modern comments, data types and functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics and inking tools, and many other ease-of-use features.

Microsoft Office 2021 download

If you do take the risk and download Microsoft Office 2021 from an untrusted site, you could seriously compromise your system’s security. Not only could system stability suffer from malicious virus and code, but you could also lose personal data, and potentially have your identity or passwords stolen in the process. 

That’s why we always recommend you shop on a trusted platform such as Mr Key Shop and Keycense. While they are offering large discounts on these products, they are also authentic and legal shops. You can rest assured, when purchasing these products that any piracy concerns or worries about viruses are non-issues. Not only that, both Keycense and Mr Key Shop also have in depth instruction guides on installing the software that you purchase as well as instructions on activating the licenses too, and even a contact page on their website in case you need further guidance or have any concerns. 

After making your purchase, check your email inbox for Office 2021: The licenses provided by Mr Key Shop or Keycense will arrive digitally, in your email inbox instantly. The delivery email will include a link to easily download Office 2021. A Microsoft account is needed when downloading, but creating one is free and straightforward if you don’t already have one.

Install Office 2021

You can install Office 2021 immediately after downloading the Office 2021 ISO file, just double-click on it to start the installation process and follow the instructions to complete it.

Activating Office 2021 product key

Activating Office 2021 product key is vital to ensuring that your installation remains up-to-date as you’ll get all the periodical patches resolving bugs and security leaks. In the email, you will be provided with your Microsoft Office product key: simply enter this key in when requested by the software to authenticate that you have purchased whichever version of the product you have bought.


If you’re looking to purchase Office 2021, buy Windows 11 (the perfect OS to install Office 2021 on) or a Windows 10 Product Key, as well as antivirus software or a VPN, buying them on offer from Keycense or Mr Key Shop is a great way to save money in the long term. Installing the products on offer is simple and if you have any issues, a professional support team will help you resolve them.

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