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Overwatch 3.23 Patch Notes

Overwatch’s 3.23 update introduces content for the Lunar New Year.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 1:09 pm
Overwatch 3.23 Patch Notes

Overwatch’s 3.23 update introduces content for the Lunar New Year. There are new seasonal items, including legendary skins Nezha Tracer and Seolbim Mercy which players can unlock during the promotional period. Mercy got a boost to her kit with some quality of life changes that allows her to revive teammates who fall out of maps.

What’s new in Overwatch 3.23

The patch does not have too many balance changes with Mercy being the only character that got tweaked in the update. Mercy can now attempt to use her Resurrect ability on teammates who die over environmental death pits. When resurrecting, the Resurrect marker will now freeze in place for the duration of the resurrection. Holding the ability button for Resurrect while it’s on cooldown will now attempt the resurrect once the cooldown finishes. 

Overwatch 3.23 Patch Notes

The Lunar New Year update introduces limited-time cosmetics that players might be interested in. Players will also get to try out the event game modes throughout the duration of the patch. In addition to the new Lunar New Year content, here are some of the highlights of the new update.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Ana’s Scope to activate when canceling Nano Boost target confirmation
  • Addressed a geometry exploit on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Fixed an issue where Season 32 open queue stats were not appearing in the career profile

To check out all of the official patch notes on the Overwatch website, click here.

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