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PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 is here – huge discounts on PS5 & PS4 games

Save big with the PlayStation Store this Summer

Updated: Jul 28, 2023 2:58 pm
PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 is here – huge discounts on PS5 & PS4 games

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PlayStation obviously needs no introduction, we all know what it is and what it represents. If you’re here, it’s because you might not have known about the PlayStation Summer Sale 2023, and all of the fantastic PS5 and PS4 discounts it can offer to you. You have struck gold here with the amount you can save in the PlayStation Summer Sale.

PlayStation Summer Sale 2023

For the uninitiated, games platforms usually host a Summer Sale in the summertime, obviously. This is the best time to shop for all those games you wanted, as a lot of them will now be massively discounted.

playstation summer sale 2023

Console gaming is a little different, as you only really have one place to go for games, that being the respective store ties to your console. So it’s a pretty big deal for console gamers when a good sale rolls around. Whether you own a PS5 or a PS4, this is the place to be.

PlayStation is offering big discounts this summer for around a month!

When does the PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 end?

According to EarlyGame, the PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 is set to end on August 16th at midnight (local time).

This time frame gives you plenty of time to go and snag yourself a fantastic deal on the PlayStation Store, whether you’re running a PS5 or a PS4, there are plenty of deals to be had!

When did the PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 start?

The PlayStation Summer Sale 2023 began on the 19th of July at midnight, and it will run until August 16th. This gives you pretty much a whole month of fantastic deals to be had for your PlayStation console.

Please note, however, EarlyGame states that some of the games on sale will be removed from the Summer Sale and return to full price on the 9th of August. These will likely be the newer or more popular games. They can’t be on sale forever!

So make sure, if there’s a game you really want, you try to snag it before the 9th of August.

PlayStation Summer Sale 2023: Best deals and discounts

Here we have found possibly some of the best discounts available in the PlayStation Store. We will list them below in no particular order:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 & Phantom Liberty DLC – $52.49 down from $69.99
  • Hogwarts Legacy – $55.99 down from $69.99
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – $19.79 down from $59.99
  • NBA 2k23 (PS5) – $6.99 down from $69.99
  • Forspoken – $39.99 down from $79.99
  • Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition – $26.99 down from $89.00
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS5 & PS4) – $49.59 down from $79.99
  • TLOU Part 2 (PS4) – $19.99 down from $39.99

Again, we have no clue which games will be removed from the sale on the 9th of August, but you still have a solid week or so before then, as of the time of writing.

There are some pretty great deals to be had here in the PlayStation Summer Sale 2023, so do not delay. Snag yourself a deal today.

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