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Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

It’s a very Happy New Year in massive Pokemon Masters EX giveaway

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 9:41 am
Pokémon Masters EX 100 million Gem giveaway

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A new Pokémon Masters EX New Year’s celebration event includes the massive Gem giveaway, as well as a new story event and New Year-inspired Sync Pairs.

DeNA is pulling out all the stops to celebrate New Year, with an incredible giveaway of Pokémon Masters EX Gems. Gems are the premium currency in the mobile game that you can use for deals and scouting.

Pokémon Masters EX free Gem giveaway

The Pokémon Masters EX New Year’s Gem Present event is live now, and if you log in before January 7th, 2022 at 9:59pm PST/12:59am EST/05:59am GMT, you will be entered into a draw to win between 300 and 60,000 Gems.

The prize pool is as follows, with five players winning the massive first prize of 60,000 Gems, and all players guaranteed some Gems.

60,000 Gems5 winners
12,000 Gems30 winners
6,000 Gems100 winners
3,000 Gems1,000 winners
1,000 Gems10,000 winners
600 Gems200,000 winners
300 GemsEverybody else!

How to claim free Pokémon Masters EX Gems

The gems, however many you win, will be sent to your Present Box from January 12, 2022 at 10pm PST and will need to be claimed by February 12th. It will take a while for the prizes to roll out to all accounts, so don’t panic if yours isn’t there right away.

In order to claim the prize, you must also have completed the Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier in single player. The Gems will appear as Non-Paid Gems, so may not be able to be redeemed for Scouts.

New Sync Pair styles in Pokémon Masters EX event

Exclusive New Year’s 2022 Sync Pairs are now available for Paid-for Gems. Get your hands on New Year’s 2022 Volkner and Electivire, or New Year’s 2022 Sabrina and Chingling. Both Sync Pairs can only be purchased until January 24th, 2022. The Pokemon Masters Volkner and Electivire have skills such as having a 30% chance to paralyze opponents. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Chingling Sync pair has skills like Condition Shield, which prevents the player’s team from becoming afflicted with Status effects. Volkner wouldn’t like that.

Pokémon Masters EX New Year Sabrina Scout
Pokémon Masters EX New Year Volkner Scout

Pokemon Masters new Sync Pairs

With the announcement of the Pokemon Masters EX New Years event, there is now another Sync pair coming to the game. You can now get your hands on the Synga Suit Cynthia & Giratina. Morso, you can play this new sync pair in the new Galactic Nightmare event. The event takes place in Sinnoh and features the deeds of Team Galactic and their schemes against Cynthia. Moreso, you can get the Sonia & Yamper Pokemon Sync pair, which is a support heal type sync pair, which is available through to January 8 via the Sonia Spotlight Scout promotion.

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