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Surviving Mars Below and Beyond Release Date Is Here

Surviving Mars Below and Beyond is out now on all platforms

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Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond is officially released as of September 7. The next DLC instalment of the popular Paradox strategy game, Survival Mars, is available for $19.99 USD, €19.99 EUR, or £15.49 GBP and vastly improves the content already in the game.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond

The Below and Beyond expansion is all about taking your space colony to the underground world of the red planet. You can explore the underground river of lavas at the very heart of the parents and settle in the deepest and darkest caves of Mars. If going underground isn’t your thing, you can renter Martian orbit and live your life on the asteroids and barren rocks that travel around Mars.

Moreso, the freshly improved Recon & Expansion tech tree offers players the tools to change their colony in new ways compared to the base game. The redefined tech tree now grants the option to construct buildings and bases underground to provide the colony with additional levels of protection against natural disasters. However, it comes with new risks, such as cave-ins.

Suppose you opt to go beyond Mars’ surface. In that case, you will need to leverage every bit of technology in your research labs to mine passing asteroids for new exotic resources and bais materials. The new danger here is that you may not be able to get your people back, as the asteroids will eventually travel too far away for your daredevils to make it back to the colony.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond Release Trailer

The launch of Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond comes with a whole new trailer, showing off a sneak peek of what is to come in the DLC. The trailer demonstrates your colonial mars ambitions going underground, allowing your people the opportunity to live under mars’ surface. However, there are glimpses at cave and tunnel collapses, along with your asteroid manners hurtling too far away from Mars. You can see the risk and reward on the flavorful DLC below.

If Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond interests you, you can grab it from any official store on Playstation, Xbox, Steam, or Epic Games Store. Alternatively, you can head over to third party websites to try and grab a deal on Surviving Mars or its other expansions.

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