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Teamfight Tactics Patch notes – 11.24 is a big one

Here are the highlights of the TFT 11.24 patch notes showcased on the dev stream.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021 11:36 am
Teamfight Tactics patch notes 11.24

Teamfight Tactics is approaching the end of the year, which means 2022 will be a new opportunity for the game to look at different directions and start afresh. Since the end of the year is on the horizon, Riot Games is publishing a very large four-week-long Teafight Tactics patch notes, offering players new system changes, balance updates and more to send them into the new year.

Warning: The patch notes are rather extensive, and we only cover the absolute needs to know. If you want a full-on depth breakdown from none other than TFT’s lead game designer, Mortdog, then you can catch a 1-hour breakdown on his YouTube channel. There’s also a quick peak over on the official TFT Twitter too, which is embedded below the video.

Teamfight Tactics patch notes 11.24

The main features of the Teamfight Tactics patch note include major system changes and balancing towards the more expensive units. The devs want to award players who make important changes to the more expensive units, rather than the current meta on powering through the early units for power and synergies. Morso, the underutilized expensive picks are getting large buffs to incentivize player investment into them. Will it flip the meta, who knows?

Augment System Changes TFT patch notes 11.24

Most of the game’s heart augments now grant free champions. The idea is to actually grab yourself awesome free champions while you work your way through the system, offering new ways of getting champs other than spending your gold and relying on luck. Depending on what heart augment you get, you can expect to summon in a variety of champions via each of the different themed hearts or crests. Meanwhile, the soul augments now grant two emblems instead of crowns for your set and theme bonuses. Moreso, some of the emblems also grant raw gold to spend on new champions in your rotation.

  • Talon
  • Leona
  • Trundle
  • Warwick
  • Zilean
  • Taric
  • Vi
  • Swain
  • Mog’Maw
  • Blitzcrank
  • Lissandra
  • Ekko
  • Tristana
  • Zyra
  • Graves
  • Twisted Fate 

Balancing TFT patch notes 11.24

Like other mid-season updates, the balance team has been on hand to spice things up. It appears the Challenger trait is getting its knees kicked in a bit, its mid and late bonuses are down, going from 30/60/90/145% to 30/55/80/130%. Other notable trait changes include the  5% and 15% buff to the Clockwork base attack speed on bonuses two and three. Mutant is moving up to a  7% and a 9% extra chance to an extra attack, now totalling 40/75%.

There’s plenty of champion balance changes, too, featuring nerfs and buffs to the like of Garen, Shaco, Vex and more in the Teamfight Tactics patch notes. Shaco is one of the notable champions getting a sizeable buff in the Teamfight Tactics patch notes. The class clown is getting an extra 50hp, along with a slight increase to base damage to each tier. Meanwhile, Garen, Katarina, Vex and Trundle in the cheaper unit costs all have nerfs to their damage or utility.

When we move away into the larger champion costs, it’s relatively big buffs all around. Fiora now has better damage and scaling, only by a small amount. Moreover, Sion has a better base HP, and his spell stun is now one second longer at ranks 2 and 3. However, Lux and Jhin have clear nerfs. Following on with the trends, Galio is getting a buff due to the tanks not having a great time. Expect more base HP on Galio, along with significantly better spell damage and a stronger crash radius if you manage a three-star Galio.

Again, this is a gist of what to expect when the new Teamfight Tactifcs patch notes go live. Expect to see LoL patch 11.24 to go live on December 8, which should be the final patch of the year.

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