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WWE 2K22 cover art, pre-order bonus leaked

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Updated: Jan 16, 2022 3:32 pm
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Lucha legend and current ‘superstar’ of the WWE roster, Rey Mysterio, will be the featured wrestler on the package of 2K delayed WWE 2K22, which leaked out via Twitter this morning.

The leaker, Nils Ahrensmeier, has previously dropped the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania back in 2021, with the featured artwork looking fairly unique amongst any high-quality press shots from WWE in the past. Mysterio has also appeared in the previous marketing material for the game, being one of the first wrestlers to be shown off in-game too.

Included with those that preorder the regular edition will gain access to the game three days early, while those who get the Deluxe Edition will apparently get:

  • Three additional Undertaker personas
    • Phantom Mask
    • Lord of Darkness
    • Boneyard Match
  • MyFACTION EVO cards for Undertaker and extra bonuses
  • Season Pass

WWE 2K22 is the next follow up to the poorly received 2K20, which was riddled with glitches and lack of features, resulting in a poor experience and a lot of fans reverting back to the prior version. As a result, 2K21 was scrapped, making 2021 the first time a WWE branded video hasn’t hit the shelves since around 2000.

nWo 4-Life Edition

Other outlets have made mention of a nWo 4-Life Edition, which could potentially tie in with the new single-player MyFACTION mode, a spin on the MyTEAM mode seen in other 2K sports titles. The nWo (New World Order) was a team consisting of ex-WWF/E stars Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (dubbed ‘The Outsiders’) and integrated Hulk Hogan in his first-ever heel turn (being the bad guy) to a massive uproar and total change of the industry post-1996.

The nWo | WWE

The team eventually expanded to a large portion of the roster, eventually bloating too far out and being divided into multiple groups or failed storylines.

Mysterio is currently in his second run with the company, having taken a slight detour back to Mexico promotions, AAA and bizarre concept, Lucha Underground. He also wrestled in Japan briefly. Currently, he wrestles in a tag team with his son, Dominik on weekly television.

To say that he’s a legend is an understatement to some, as his legacy includes runs with almost every facet within the WWE, highlighting a foreign style to the masses on WCW television in the 90s and even at 47 with two shattered knees, can still do nearly everything that he did years ago.

WWE 2K22 is launching in March.

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