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Xbox Series X restock today at GAME, bundles and more (UK): In stock now

Can't stop the stock

Updated: Feb 4, 2022 9:38 am
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Update: The Xbox Series X restock has happened again as of February 4, so be sure to snap them up while stock is still available, otherwise you might risk losing out!

UK-based retailer GAME has just put up their Xbox Series X restock today, meaning that you can get your hands on Microsoft’s next-generation console right now. You can get your hands on the console, in addition to games such as Halo: Infinite in addition to Forza Horizon 5 as a part of Game Pass, so you’re never going to be left without when it comes to getting up and starting to game on this console. It’s been intermittently out of stock since launch and has since become an incredibly elusive console to find, so be sure to snap these up quickly, as it’s likely that this won’t be in stock for long.

Right now it appears that we can’t navigate over to any other bundles of the Xbox Series X quite yet. It’s likely that other additional bundles will be going live soon, with the site still mentioning that the console is out of stock. It’s likely that we’ve hit this particular vein of consoles a little bit earlier than usual, so be sure to secure your console now. After you get it, be sure that you pick up an Xbox Game Pass Subscription as you will get access to hundreds of games from the get-go meaning that you can secure the console and get hundreds of games. It only costs 99p for your first month after you sign up, and once you have you will be able to get up and running with hundreds of games without having to spend much more money on other physical copies of games, when you have access to so many other digital ones, to begin with.

It’s likely that we’re going to see console stock stabilise somewhat as the year progresses and as many more people get access to the console that they actually want, so hopefully, you’ll be able to get yourself one before too long if you’re not able to get this particular restock today.

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