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Playstation Wrap-Up 2021 is available now

A full break down of your year in gaming

Updated: Jan 20, 2022 7:57 pm
Playstation Wrap-Up 2021 is available now

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If nothing else, 2021 was an amazing year for games. The Playstation 5 started to really take off. Overlooked classics like The World Ends with You – and rightly revered classics like Metroid – made a triumphant return. And now Sony is here to put your year in gaming in perspective with the Playstation 2021 wrap-up. You can look back in pride at the things you achieved (or shock, if you hadn’t realised how quickly all those late-night marathons add up.) Access the service here and see how you spent your year with the Playstation.

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Gaming alone and together

Among other useful facts, The Playstation 2021 wrap-up will display total playtime, how often you played solo vs online, and all the trophies you collected. And it’s not only personal details; Sony has also made a number of global stats available, to show the gaming community’s collective achievements.

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Details and incentives

In order to access the service, players need to be aged 18 or over and have a registered PSN account for their region. You also need to have played games for a minimum of 10 hours throughout 2021. “Full data” collection may need to have been consented to in system settings, but it is currently unknown if this is a definite requirement.

To reward players for their engagement, Sony will provide a code to download 4 unique avatars for those that access the 2021 wrap-up. 

A year in review

There’s an unstated truth in gaming; something about viewing stats is just pleasing. Over the past few console generations, achievements and trophies have changed the way progression is framed in video games. The way to judge engagement and mastery isn’t just finishing the game anymore. It’s by hitting targets, completing byzantine goals, taking on challenges the developers dare you to complete. Of course, everyone plays differently, and this isn’t a universal experience. But it is a popular one, and Sony understands the urge to see work being put into perspective. Just like Youtube Rewind and Spotify Wrapped, the Playstation wrap-up allows us to tie the year off with a neat bow. To feel a sense of accomplishment, of completion. Given their recent struggles, it is prudent of Sony to remind players of all the wonderful experiences their games and consoles can offer.

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