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AirPods Pro Black Friday deals 2021

Cancel out your colleagues this Black Friday.

Updated: May 11, 2022 11:58 am
Black Friday Apple Airpods Pro

After the cheapest AirPods Pro Black Friday deals? You can find everything you need to know right here. If you’re searching for the best in high-end wireless earbuds this Black Friday season, then you need our list of all the cheapest deals you’ll find on AirPods Pro. These are the top-tier wireless earbuds from Apple’s AirPods line that add an extra note of quality to the sound reproduction over the regular AirPods, as well as refining the design to make sure that they’ll fit well in pretty much anyone’s ears. 

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Apple AirPods Max (Silver)

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Where to buy AirPods Pro on Black Friday 2021

You will be able to buy the AirPods Pro from most electronics retailers. Be sure to only purchase from a trustworthy source, otherwise, you may accidentally buy a fake pair. If you think that AirPods is a high-quality product, wait until you see the things that AirPods Pro is capable of. These fancy little devices are designed to fit perfectly and comfortably into pretty much anyone’s ear, with different varieties of tips to make sure that you can basically wear these things all day if you feel like it. As well as being comfortable, Apple AirPods Pro comes with great features like incredibly well-done noise cancellation for immersive sound, and an ambient mode that means you can listen while still hearing the world around you if you’re traveling through a potentially dangerous area. The included case also features MagSafe wireless charging, and with the extra battery from the case, you can get more than 24 hours of listening time out of these babies. 

How much will AirPods Pro be on Black Friday 2021?

It’s estimated that the AirPods Pro could drop down to around $170 this Black Friday. The regular AirPods may not seem quite as glamorous as the AirPods Pro, but these earbuds are still really high-quality and pack a ton of the most important features that the more advanced model does. They still have a great amount of battery life with their external carry case, really clear audio quality, and are incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They even feature active noise cancellation, though, without the included chip inside the Pro version, it’s not quite as advanced. 

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WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

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