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8 Upcoming LBGTQ+ Games in 2023 that Give us Life

Updated: Mar 2, 2023 10:46 am
8 Upcoming LBGTQ+ Games in 2023 that Give us Life

We’re only early into 2023 as it stands currently, but we can already see some amazing LGBTQ+ games on the horizon. Be it representation, story, or generally LGBTQ+ coded games, we’re covering a few that we’re excited about coming out this year.

As the gaming industry grows and grows with every passing year, it’s important to remember just how diverse this community is becoming and already is. Even more important than that is to celebrate this development. Without further ado, we’ll be diving into 8 LGBTQ+ games in 2023 we’re excited for.

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LGBTQ+ games list 2023

  • Wilderless
  • Beloved Rapture 
  • Desta: The Memories Between
  • Bernadette and the Demon Circus
  • Hades II  
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • They Speak From the Abyss
  • Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch)

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8 LGBTQ+ games coming out in 2023


lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

Whilst not explicitly LGBTQ+ from what we can gather, curators on Steam have tagged this wonderful game as such. Wilderless is an open-world video game where you literally can go anywhere and everywhere, doing whatever you like, without having to worry about enemies suddenly attacking you. You are left to discover a fantasy world at your own pace without any of the obstacles of quite often found in video games. It’s currently in early access on Steam, but it promises a meditative experience similar to that of Legend of Zelda or Skyrim.

Came out for Early Access January 10th 2023

Beloved Rapture 

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

If you’re a fan of SNES inspired graphics and an indie mid-length RPG that focuses on storytelling, this is your jam. Beloved Rapture‘s narrative is filled with explorations of trauma, friendship, and LGBT themes, in a mature and sensitive manner. With turn-based combat and an original score, there’s nothing much more nostalgic than that.

2023 (No official date)

Desta: The Memories Between

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

Desta: The Memories Between is centered around themes of self-reflection, mental health, anxiety, loss of parental figures, and gender identity. Every night, when nonbinary person Desta Desta falls into a mysterious dreamworld, in which she much navigate through people from her past with unique abilities. Desta: The Memories Between comes from indie game developer ustwo, which previously released BAFTA-winning Monument Valley and critically acclaimed Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. With the help of non-binary narrative designer Ro Noel Williams, the game’s story focuses on gender identity, sexuality, and queer friendships/relationships.

Coming out 26th of April 2023

Bernadette and the Demon Circus

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

We’re in love with the Silent Hill style of gameplay that we’re seeing from this game available for PC, and especially love the trans representation in Bernadette, a trans woman. After awakening in a hospital, the protagonist Bernadette soon finds herself in a circus of horrors. This game touches on the horrors of transphobia and is inspired by other survival horror classics.

Add to your Wishlist on Steam now or play the demo

Hades II  

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

After the very large display of gay in the original Hades, we’re expecting much of the same from the sequel. Supergiant Games builds on the incredible success of Hades and introduces a new protagonist and Princess of the Underworld, Melinoë. In alignment with actual Greek mythos, there is plenty of bisexual energy in the first game, which we’re sure will be carried into Hades II.

Hades II is expected to go into early access in 2023 on PC.

Baldur’s Gate 3

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

I’s confirmed, you can be gay in Baldur’s Gate 3. Larian Studios have confirmed that like their Divinity Original Sin games, yes, you can be gay in Baldur’s Gate 3. As for gender identity, it still remains somewhat of a mystery with regards to gender identity, however, there’s a likelihood that your players gender is something you will not have to conform to. As for the NPCs, it seems that no matter the gender, they will still like you. This is something Gayming has called “playersexual.”

Coming out in August 2023

They Speak From the Abyss

lgbtq games in 2023
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Fix together body horror, dungeon crawlers, and a camp feel of the macabre, what do you get? One “very unapologetically queer” video game, according to developer. Married with the popular resurgence of PlayStation 1-era graphics, They Speak From the Abyss moves with the fast moving current of indie games today. The game’s lead is a queer woman named Vanessa Rivera who feels lost in her life, and her demon therapist is no help either, throwing her into the depths of nightmarish visions and horrid abominations.

It is planned to release on PC in 2023.

Janet DeMornay Is A Slumlord (and a witch)

lgbtq games in 2023
via Steam

A first-person, story-driven horror comedy with puzzles. In which we follow the members of a queer share-house as they try to escape their home through the turbulence of Janet’s increasingly physical hauntings and possessions. A horror-comedy, we’re sure that camp is an understatement; the teaser gives us reds, pinks and very long nails. Think Beetlejuice, with stop motion horror, and gay relationships in bloom.

A planned release date of 2023

That’s all we’ve got on our picks for the best sounding LGBTQ+ games coming out this year. If we’ve missed any off the list that you’re excited about, be sure to let us know!

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