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New Battlefield 2042 tech trailer reveals ray tracing footage

Find out just how beautiful you can expect BF2042 to look… if you have a high-end PC

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
New Battlefield 2042 tech trailer reveals ray tracing footage

Stop reading now if, like me, you don’t have an expensive, top of the line gaming setup. Otherwise, this will just hurt. If you’re still here, read on to find out just what was revealed in the new tech trailer for Battlefield 2042 which included DLSS and ray tracing gameplay from Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

NVIDIA BF2042 ray tracing trailer

Ray tracing doesn’t affect gameplay as such, but it certainly enhances your viewing experience while gaming. The technology creates a much more realistic aesthetic to video game graphics – resulting in a more immersive experience than ever – by changing the way light and shadows are depicted in-game.

The trailer shows footage of BF2042’s “Ray-traced ambient occlusion” (RTAO), which NVIDIA says “accurately adds shadows where game elements occlude light.” This means you’ll see more depth and realism than players without ray-tracing capabilities.

Battlefield 2042 NVIDIA DLSS compatibility

Battlefield 2042’s DLSS compatibility was also mentioned in the trailer. DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a ground-breaking new rendering technology which uses AI to give higher resolution gaming without sacrificing FPS, thereby improving overall performance. With DLSS on top of RTAO, you’ll be looking at the most immersive, realistic and visually stunning Battlefield gameplay ever.

NVIDIA Reflex in Battlefield 2042

The final thing that NVIDIA mentioned in the tech trailer was NVIDIA Reflex, a new technology used to minimize rendering latency. Combining this with DLSS will provide an incredibly smooth and fast performance for your BF2042 experience.

Will your PC run Battlefield 2042 with ray tracing?

In order to play Battlefield 2042 with the above features, you will need to have the right graphics card. The only cards that are compatible with RTX and DLSS technologies are NVIDIA RTX GPUs. Reflex, however, can be enjoyed on lower-end graphics cards, but the experience will be increased the better the GPU is. The oldest card that Reflex Low Latency Mode is supported on is the 900 Series. Therefore, any Nvidia 900 series GPU or newer will support the Reflex technology. Check out the full NVIDIA guide to Reflex to find out how to reduce latency with Reflex.

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