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Best Perks For LeBron James In MultiVersus

King LeBron has found it's way into MultiVersus!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022 5:48 pm
Best Perks For LeBron James In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show the best perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus.

Since open beta, LeBron James has entered the scene of the arena fighter and has emerged as a threat to other characters!

His kit is very complex and can be very annoying to deal with so there is no better thing but to play him for yourself!

He can be a very difficult character to master as you need to use the basketball effectively

However when done so, can be very effective.

Best Perks for LeBron James in MultiVersus

Source: PC Gamer, 2022

It’s to be noted that LeBron James is a bruiser-like character, he’s best utilised at medium to close range.

What makes him even more complex is that he can be a bruiser-support hybrid as you can pass the ball to allies!

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So without further ado, here is the recommended LeBron James’ perks:

  • For Three! – Using this perk will make the basketball explode when throw towards an enemy, making it a projectile damage perk. This is a crucial perk for LeBron as his basketball is his most useful weapon. When throw across it could potentially send opponents flying and off your screens!
  • Make it Rain, Dog! – This is a team-centric projectile perk which bolsters projectile speed to 20% across the whole team. This is a very valuable perk to have if you want to the pass the ball between your ally to make it more effective and faster too. This will help when trying to throw the ball towards enemies a lot faster
  • Leg Day Champ – A utility perk that will allow 10% additional jump height when using the perk. With LeBron James a good amount of action will be in the air, of course with it being LeBron James! This will also be beneficial for his passing ability. It also allows for allies to jump higher and is great for juggling combos mid-air
  • I Dodge You, Dodge We Dodge! – In the name, this perk is activated when dodging opponent attacks. You also gain a 10% cooldown when you use your abilities.

Another perk to maybe consider is Back To Back. With this perk it reduces team damage when near an ally.

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This will be quite often however as you need to be up close against enemies and chances are, your ally will be there too.

LeBron is naturally a great CC (crowd control) character with harassment of his basketball abilities so this perk synergises well with even more survivability.

Now you know a few perks to play around with LeBron James, however I recommend you play around and see what suits you!

Is LeBron James free in MultiVersus?

Unfortunately, he is not.

Since the release of his character on July 26, 2022. LeBron has been a locked character which requires unlocking.

In order to do this you will need at least one of the three

  • 2,000 Gold Coins
  • 700 Gleamium
  • Character Tokens

Find out how you can retrieve these in our related posts:

We’ll see how stronger LeBron James gets once Season One gets underway and if he’ll receive a buff or nerf, however that’s looking unlikely currently as Season One has been delayed! There is no indication for a further release date at the moment.

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