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MultiVersus Perks Tier List

The best Offense, Defense, and Utility perks

Updated: Jul 28, 2022 1:33 pm
MultiVersus Perks Tier List

Looking for a MultiVersus perks tier list?

If you’ve been dabbling in the latest hugely popular MultiVersus beta, you’ve likely come across the game’s expansive range of perks.

This handy feature allows players to customize and tune their fighter to their liking with various buffs.

These are broken down into four categories – Offense, Defense, Utility, and Signature character perks.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the first three general use buff categories available to all characters, also known as Ally perks.

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MultiVersus Perks Tier List

MultiVersus Perks Tier List

Offense Perks

Here you’ll find our MultiVersus perks tier list for Offense:

S-Tier – Deadshot, Percussive Punch Power, Ice to Beat You!, Wildcat Brawler

A-Tier – Lumpy Space Punch, Snowball Effect, Hit ‘Em While They’re Down, Second Wind Beneath Your Wings

B-Tier – Collateral Damage, Make It Rain, Dog!, Painted Target, Static Electricity, That’s (Not) All, Folks!, Up, Up, and A-Slay

C-Tier – Shirt Cannon Sniper, Slippery When Feint, That’s Flammable, Doc!, I’ll Take That, Armor Crush

Defense Perks

Here you’ll find our perks tier list for Defense:

S-Tier – Absorb ‘n’ Go, Slippery Customer, Kryptonian Skin

A-Tier – School Me Once…, Stronger Than Ever, Sturdy Dodger

B-Tier – ‘Toon Elasticity, Boundless Energy, Back To Back

C-Tier – Clear the Air

Utility Perks

Here you’ll find our MultiVersus perks tier list for Utility:

S-Tier – Triple Jump, Speed Force Assist, Coffeezilla, Retaliation-Ready

A-Tier – Tasmanian Trigonometry, Aerial Acrobat, Hit Me If You’re Able, Last Stand, The Purest of Motivations

B-Tier – Fancy Footwork, Gravity Manipulation, Leg Day Champ

C-Tier – …In a Single Bound!, I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge

MultiVersus Perks Tier List Not Set In Stone

Our perks tier list is by no mean fixed or immovable, but rather our take on the current state of the game.

We expect the utility and popularity of perks to shift as players devise better play styles and the meta evolves. As such, we’ll keep this tier list updated accordingly.


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