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How to Get Biyomon in Digimon Survive

More adorable than intimidating.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022 12:00 am
How to Get Biyomon in Digimon Survive

Want to recruit Biyomon to your squad in Digimon Survive?

There’s no question that Biyomon is one of the most popular Digimon of all time.

Sora’s partner in Digimon Adventure may at first seem more adorable than intimidating, but this beloved bird soon gains the power to Digivolve into the much more formidable Birdramon, and other incredible forms besides.

Biyomon can be found as early as the second chapter of Digimon Survive, and we’ll show you how to recruit them right here.

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Finding Biyomon

DIGIMON SURVIVE recruit Biyomon answers

Soon after beginning chapter 2 of Digimon Survive, you gain access to a free battle. Biyomon is one of the four different Digimon that can appear in this free battle.

You can see which Digimon will appear when you highlight the free battle option on the map. If Biyomon dosn’t appear right away, keep fighting free battles and eventually your next opponent will be Biyomon.

Free battles are relatively simple at this point in the game – with only two enemy Digimon per battle – and it won’t take much time at all for Biyomon to appear. And when they do, two Digimon means twice as much chance to talk and win them over.

Squawk and Talk

Once you are in battle with Biyomon, select the Talk option from the menu and move over to ‘foes’ in order to interact with them.

When interacting with Biyomon, honest answers give you the best chance of building up enough points to attempt to recruit them. We’ve included all the possible questions alongside the answer to each below:

Q: Whenever I meet a scary monster, I just start apologizing. Weird, right?
A: You’re a scaredy-cat.

Q: What’s the most important thing to you?
A: Food!

Q: Why are leaves green?
A: It’s the chlorophyll.

Q: Someday I’m gonna run this joint!
A: Not a chance.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Tag!

Q: I don’t care how tough you are, I’m not gonna lose!
A: Nice, so energetic!

Q: Have you ever told a lie?
A: Never ever.

Select these options to proceed to the next step and attempt to recruit Biyomon.

Recruiting Biyomon – Final steps

DIGIMON SURVIVE become birdramon stats

Once you’ve answered the questions successfully, ask them to either give you an item or join your squad.

Biyomon is a Vaccine-type Digimon, so having a high Moral Karma significantly boosts your chances of recruiting them. But if they decline to join your party right away, that doesn’t mean they are locked off forever. Repeat the process of battling and talking to them until you find a Biyomon that agrees to join.

Once Biyomon is recruited, you can use them in any battles going forward. Once they Digivolve, they become an incredibly powerful ally.

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