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Is EA Sports FC 24 on Mac?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023 1:13 pm
Is EA Sports FC 24 on Mac?

EA Sports FC 24, which is the latest entry in the rebrand of the FIFA franchise, is not out yet, but pre-orders are available. There are options for the Ultimate Edition as well as the Standard Edition, but the key is which platform you choose for the launch in September. The Xbox Series X|S version of the game cannot be played on a PlayStation 5 or a PC. 

Mac, while not exactly known as a high-end gaming computer, is a platform that can support some games. Those gamers might be interested in playing EA Sports FC 24, but they’ll need to know whether or not they can access the game on their preferred platform. 

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Will Mac have EA Sports FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 will be playable on the Mac. Whether it’s Macbook Air or an iMac, the Apple computer can run the latest EA FC entry. This is thanks to Steam. Steam games have been playable on Mac for over a decade.

Steam is an online game service that effectively allows gaming to occur on a computer instead of a console. A wide range of games is available there and that includes EA Sports FC 24. It’s worth noting that while it is available, Macs aren’t most fans’ ideal platform. 

They can run games, but they’re not considered gaming computers. Therefore, older and slower Macs might have trouble running big games at full speed. There may be lag issues or other problems. If it’s a newer device, then this problem won’t be as prevalent. 

Steam is not exactly considered next-gen, either, so the game won’t have cross-play and some other advanced features. This is probably wise since a Mac might have trouble with the advanced AI, HyperMotion, FieldSENSE, and other next-gen features. The gameplay won’t be as advanced, but it will still work. The top consoles have those features, but the Intel Macs, and PC for that matter, do not. They just don’t have the processor for these features. Mac OS is fine, but it’s not exactly designed for high-powered video games and in-depth game modes.

Drop in on your Mac and join the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga Santander, CONMEBOL Libertadores, the NWSL, the MLS, and more in Career mode, Ultimate Team (FUT), and more. Early access begins soon, and the game is out on Mac on September 29.

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