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Elyon: Ontari vs Vulpin – what’s the difference between the Elyon factions?

Think of the Elyon factions as red vs blue.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:46 pm
Elyon: Ontari vs Vulpin – what’s the difference between the Elyon factions?

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Elyon is the new MMORPG created by Kakao Games and Bluehole. The game is focused on action ARPG gameplay, filled with dungeons and PvP. If you want to do this content, especially the Realm vs Realm content, then you will need to choose a faction. Choosing factions is a very important decision, as it dictates what side you will PvP with. Here is a guide on the Elyon faction system and the difference between the Elyon’s Ontari and Vulpin.

Elyon Ontari vs Vulpin lore differences

Elyon has two major factions in-game, the Vulpin and Ontari. The difference between the two seems to be entirely lore-based. You can play any of the Elyon races or classes in these factions, as it is entirely lore and PvP focused, so pick whoever you prefer aesthetically or lore-based.

So, what are the major between Elyon’s Ontari vs Vulpin? Well, the Ontari are the more honor, mighty, and valorous military faction, meanwhile, the Vulpin are more about order, nobility and culture.

As for the lore of the factions, both of the factions were once part of the same empire. The Vulpin and Ontori were both once part of the Solumn Empire. However, as technology expanded, the members of the Spolumn empire began to see differences over immortality and technology usage. Because of the fracture in the future of the empire, they split in two and now we have the Ontari vs Vulpin conflict.

As for the game’s culture focus on the factions, The Vulpin are a wealthy faction, with a great focus on arts and agriculture. Furthermore, the Ontari are a militaristic and industrial people who make their homes in the mountains and forests of Urabos. The Ontrai kinda seem like the Dwarf faction to be honest, while the Vulpin has obvious inspirations from the Renaissance.

As for their locations, the Now, the Vulpin and Ontari have created their own boundaries and civilizations within.  You can find the Vulpari in the Dharan region in the south of the continent of Harth, while the Ontari resides in the north. When it comes to Realm vs Realm, you can battle for territory throughout Harth as part of the game meta end game PvP, function, which is fairly similar to the likes of Tera, Black Desert, and New World PvP. 

The best way of seeing the difference between both Elyon factions is by seeing them as the Alliance and Horde in World of Warcraft. However, Elyon’s Ontari vs Vulpin faction conflict actually has a stake in the game’s world. I hope that helps you identify the difference between the two factions. 

Image via Bluehole / Kakao.

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