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How to change difficulty in Final Fantasy 16

Updated: Jun 14, 2023 6:11 pm
How to change difficulty in Final Fantasy 16

All games will have the traditional difficulty settings at the beginning of the game, and Final Fantasy 16 has a slight change in this play style. While Final Fantasy 16 has the traditional hard and easy mode, players can switch between the two for an extra challenge or an easier playthrough. So, follow this guide to learn how to change the difficulty in Final Fantasy 16. 

How do you change the difficulty in Final Fantasy 16?

Unlike other Final Fantasy installments, Final Fantasy 16 has very different combat mechanics. As a result, Final Fantasy 16 has two modes of difficulty. They are Story-focused and Action-focused. 

To change the difficulty of Final Fantasy 16, click on the Menu button on your PlayStation 5 controller. From here, navigate to the System Tab using L2 or R2 on your controller. Once in the Setting tab, look for Game Settings; it will be the second tab in the Menu. Now, in the Gameplay settings, you can change your mode to a Story-focused setting or an Action-focused setting. 

You can change this easy and hard mode throughout your experience when playing Final Fantasy 16.

What is the difference between Story-focused and Action-focused in Final Fantasy 16?

The difference between these two modes is the challenge of combat. When using Story mode, you will receive various accessories such as the Ring of Timely Evasion, the Ring of Timely Healing, the Ring of Timely Focus, and the Ring of Timely Strikes. 

You can find these accessories in your inventory under Gear and Eikons. Unfortunately, You will not receive these assist items when you choose Action-focused mode, as these accessories will assist you when dealing powerful combos or increasing your HP. As a result, when choosing an extra hard mode, you better have your combo attacks ready!

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