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How to equip weapons in Final Fantasy 16

Updated: Jun 16, 2023 1:43 am
How to equip weapons in Final Fantasy 16

In every Final Fantasy game, you will find, unlock or buy new weapons to help you along your quest. Some weapons are made for aesthetic purposes that barely provide any status effects, while others deal massive damage but are horrendous. Still, overall a weapon is made to deal damage to your enemies. This is precisely what you’ll be aiming for when fighting against Eikons!

So, as you go on your quest for revenge, follow this guide on how to equip weapons in Final Fantasy 16 to ensure you are prepared!

How do you Equip Weapons in Final Fantasy 16?

Your weapons will make or break your experience when playing Final Fantasy 16. In the game, some weapons will increase your HP, Attack, damage output, Magic, Defence, and Stagger Stats. You can Equip your Weapons in the Gear & Eikons Menu in Final Fantasy 16. 

To do this, press the Menu button on your PlayStation controller. After this, you must navigate to the Gear & EIkons tab using L2 or R2, the third tab in the middle. Once there, click on the Sword icon to access your Weapon inventory by pressing X.

Once you have entered the Weapon Inventory, you will be taken to the Currently Equipped Weapons. After you have entered the Weapons tab, you can see the description of each weapon. Click on your preferred weapon and press X on the PS controller to confirm your selection. With that, you can equip or unequip any weapon you may find, loot or unlock in Final Fantasy 16!

You can also change accessories and other gear by navigating with L1 and R1. As a bonus, you will also receive additional accessories when playing in Story-focused mode instead of Action-focused. The Gear & Eikons Menu is also where you can switch out Eikonic power. The Eikonic powers will assist you in Eikon Clashes against the Eikons Garuda, Ifrit, Phoenix, and many more. 

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